So after much searching in the Wiki and various forums I am still without a solution as to how I configure "A9" on the APM2.5 to send power and a pulse to the StratoSnapper ( so that I can control various cameras. This is my first time working with APM2.5.


Can anyone help me with a step by step on how to configure my APM2.5 hexacopter to trigger a camera with "A9" and set up an RC channel to control "A9" within MP?


I would do this through an Output from the APM but all my outputs are used...


Thanks to anyone and everyone who has the time to help!

Kind regards,


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  • I have a Stratosnapper V2 connected to an APM 2.6 CH8 Out and a Sony NEX 6. It seems to be working well. I can right click on the map in the Flight Data display of Mission Planner, right click to select 'Trigger Camera Now' and the shutter trips. When I fly an auto mission using the Mission Planner generated survey map which includes a Cam_Trigg_Dist waypoint, the camera doesn't take any photos. I'm at a loss as to how I can troubleshoot this. 

    The test copter is a 3DR hexa. I have had a couple of odd uncontrolled descents with it at the same point on the grid. The logs appear to indicate a hardware issue but I can't find any issues. I can clearly see in the log where the copter began to fall and I toggled the mode to Alt Hold and then to Stabilize while giving max throttle. The throttle in shows full but the throttle out dives. What causes that?

    I did notice that when you use the Auto Way Point --> Survey Grid option a window pops up with all the relevant info. If you click on 'Advanced' you can see details for the camera configuration. It has servo ch 5 set as the default. Do I need to worry about this?

    Last flash log attached if someone has the time to have a look. Thanks.

    2015-01-28 18-29-33.tlog

    • Hi Darrell

      how did you solve this?

      I'm at the same point. APM2.5 (plane) using RC8 out.
      It is working using Mission Planner but not in the air under AUTO.
      I see the cam commands in the flash log but nothing happened.

      Can someone attach a working log or what else can I test?

      Wolfgang R.

      • I think I've got it. No idea what went wrong but I assume the cam
        was disabled for some reason.

        Maybe these steps are helpful to other beginners like me.

        As mentioned before I use the the servo port RC8 out.

        Set LOG_BITMASK to include 8192 (e.g. 13694 in my case).

        Set CAM_DURATION to 10 to have a long 1sec signal. (reset later!)

        Connecting a servo to RC8 out.

        First test with Mission Planner FLIGHT DATA -> right click 'Trigger Camera NOW'
        => the reaction should be seen at the connected servo
        => the flash log should show pulses RCOU->Chan8 (e.g. 1100/1900)

        Second test setting CAM_TRIGG_DIST to 5 [m] and walk around with the plane.
        (reset to 0 after this test!)
        => reaction on servo should be seen

        Third test defining a FLIGHT PLAN with row 1 DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST to 5 [m].
        Be careful and better disconnect the motor. Walk around with the plane and
        switch the RC to AUTO.
        => reaction on servo should be seen

        Wolfgang R.

  • i am using a micro servo to push the shutter through the APM RC8 OUT channel. i use the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command of mission planner to press the shutter automatically when the desired waypoint is reached. it is working fine now on a Hero 2 camera.

    • Thanks!  Good info.

  • Hi Oliver, I could see some hope fixing my issue after reading your post. I have a camera and wanted to control its power via relay using ardupilot (A9) from mission planner. The relay circuit is ready and has two pins out +5V DIO signal and GND.

    I was going through your previous post but didn't exactly understand "camera trigger cable to the negative and signal pin of A9".  Can you tell me in steps how to connect relay and which button control it from mission planner? 

    I want to control this relay any time I want (even while in ground) not specifically during waypoint navigation. 

    Thank you 


  • today flew the quad. the weather was excellent. winds 0 knots. sun bright. temp 27 deg celsius. the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL worked all the way on all waypoint. the last DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command in mission is not executed. but that would be sorted out soon. once again thanx to fellow dronians.

    • Ravi,

      Are you using a servo to manually push the camera trigger button on the camera to take a shot and entering this command in the MP waypoint list?  Or?

      I am still debating on using the chkdsk method of camera trigger with cannon cameras or the old fashion way of using a servo to push the button so-to-speak.

      I've even just resorted to taking screen captures of hi res video and had fairly good results....

  • @guenter, thanx for clarifying that RC8 is NOT A8 but OUT8. wasted couple of week ends to get camera trigger on A8 since i am also using A10 and A11 for gimble roll and tilt. A0 to A11 should not be called RC0 to RC11. they should be only labelled as A0-A11. finally i got to trigger the shutter using RC8 (with micro servo connected to OUT8 of APM2.5)

  • StratoSnapper seems to be similar to Gentwire. Both accept normal PPM-Inputs.

    If StratoSnapper works with a Servo-tester, than it should work with APM. Or other way around: if a servo is connected  and turns, if triggered, than StratoSnapper should also work on that output.

    As I told before, my Gentwire works on Output 8 (only signal, no Vcc taken from there) on the APM2.5. In Mission Planner I took the followwing settings:

    Initial Setup-> Camera Gimbal -> Shutter RC8

    In Standard Params -> Camera shutter-> Servo


    -> Channel 7 option -> Camera Trigger 


    -> Servo out function (RC8_FUNCTION) -> camera trigger

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