Hi everyone!

I'm trying to setup d800-x8 frame with pixhawk. Problem is that according to arducopter two of four top motors shuld rotate CCW, and other two CW. The same with bottom motors. In D800-X8 all top motors rotate CCW, and all bottom motors rotate CW.

My question is: Do i need to change motors rotation as in arducopter, or there is other way to do this?

Thank you in advance!


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I prefer the ArduCopter configuration (better power repartition and symmetry). It is easy to invert motors plugs and propellers.

Here is my 750 Octo QuadX with a VRBrain5.2 Card (Italian dev of Pixhawk). Gimbal is replaced by 1Kg lead box for initial settings.


Yes, but there is one problem. Screws in arms are glued and it's really difficult to get to ESCs. Does anyone knows how to do this without changing motor wires?


You would need to reprogram the ESC's so that it outputs in reverse order.  Most people swap the wires as this is far easier.


Did you managed? I'm also seting up d800-x8 + pixhawk.

So? Has anyone accomplished this build yet? Seems strange that dys would mass produce this without a solution for the best mass produced FC.


Did you find the solution?

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