D800-x8 on Pixhawk

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to setup d800-x8 frame with pixhawk. Problem is that according to arducopter two of four top motors shuld rotate CCW, and other two CW. The same with bottom motors. In D800-X8 all top motors rotate CCW, and all bottom motors rotate CW.

My question is: Do i need to change motors rotation as in arducopter, or there is other way to do this?

Thank you in advance!


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  • So? Has anyone accomplished this build yet? Seems strange that dys would mass produce this without a solution for the best mass produced FC.
  • Did you managed? I'm also seting up d800-x8 + pixhawk.

  • You would need to reprogram the ESC's so that it outputs in reverse order.  Most people swap the wires as this is far easier.


  • Yes, but there is one problem. Screws in arms are glued and it's really difficult to get to ESCs. Does anyone knows how to do this without changing motor wires?


    • Hi,

      Did you find the solution?

  • Hi!

    I prefer the ArduCopter configuration (better power repartition and symmetry). It is easy to invert motors plugs and propellers.

    Here is my 750 Octo QuadX with a VRBrain5.2 Card (Italian dev of Pixhawk). Gimbal is replaced by 1Kg lead box for initial settings.


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