flying in circles when GPS position hold is activated


I have a quadcopter with a diy frame.
I am flying in X-Mode using the Ardupirates software v1.1, Jan 24, 2011.

I have GPS and magnetometer installed,
the magnetometer is calibrated and I have entered the declination for my location.
GPS is getting a signal and allows me to lock - I confirmed that it works correctly by entering the position found into google maps.

The quadcopter flies perfect in stable mode.
The artificial horizon in the configurator is stable and shows the correct heading (I checked with a conventional compass next to the quad).

I observe the following:
- if I activate GPS position hold the quadcopter starts to fly in a wide circle around the point, at which I activated the function.

I did wait quite a while for the GPS to find satellites, before I took off for the flight.

What can I do achieve a stable position hold?
Did I miss something?
Do I have to work on my position hold PID values? (if yes, what should I try?)

Thanks for your help


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change your declination to 0, check if it's getting better or worse

if it's getting better i would invert the declination you had before

Every time I set the declination, it just resets to zero the next time I connect to the never seems to save to eeprom?

any trick here to get it to save?

the "MAGCALIBRATION help" thread should answer your question
Sorry, I meant the geo correction factor keeps reseting to zero after it gets set in the configurator, not the declination.
your quadcopter is not malfunctioning. try decreasing the position hold P value in 10% increments until the circle is cut down.
avoid circled wires, you could check your cables by tieing down arducopter, connect with configurator and apply throttle (about the same you need to hoover) and check if heading changes

I have got a standard setup quad built from a kit using Ardupirates software.

All seems to be working but I still have problems setting PID values.

I have made several flights where things are reasonably stable but could be better.

Altitude varies in hold and GPS hold does try to keep it in the area.

Could anyone please publish their PID values for a standard quad - acro, stable, altitude, position hold etc.

I seem to be going in circles literally and would be keen to see what values people have ended up with to get a stable results in the various flying modes.

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