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1aor70tjevhct posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
HiI have a 3s 4000mAh and a 4s 5000mAh Lipo battery and would like to try out how the flight time changes; but can I just swap the battery or do I have to recalibrate the four ESCs of my quadcopter to work with the other battery? thanks a lotFelix 
Aug 20, 2011
1aor70tjevhct posted a discussion
HiI have a quadcopter with a diy frame.I am flying in X-Mode using the Ardupirates software v1.1, Jan 24, 2011.I have GPS and magnetometer installed,the magnetometer is calibrated and I have entered the declination for my location.GPS is getting a…
Apr 21, 2011
1aor70tjevhct posted a discussion
HiBy now I got my quadcopter flying very nice in stable mode.I want to process now to the altitude and position hold mode and would like to know a bit more about the PID settings.Are the PID values for position hold close to the ones for stable…
Apr 20, 2011
1aor70tjevhct posted a discussion
HiI would need some clarification concerning the orientation of the APM for a frame flying in X-configuration, as I find contradictory information on the internet.- For X-configuration, does the APM "look" towards the left front motor or in…
Apr 10, 2011
1aor70tjevhct posted a discussion
HiI finally got the last few bits of my quadcopter in today's post ...Now everything is assembled and ready to go.But I would need some help / information with the following issues:- While doing the pre-flight check I realized, that I am not sure…
Apr 7, 2011
1aor70tjevhct posted a discussion
HiI am new to UAVs and quadcopters. I am currently working on my first quadcopter and planning the set up.I have a question concerning the balancing of the quadcopter,as I see different set-ups and possibilites;is it better to mount the ESCs around…
Mar 19, 2011