Underpowered quad problem (clone pixhawk issue?) [renamed post due to TOS]

Whats up yall. So there will be profanity in this post. If you have small children have them look away now.

I am on my last wit here. If this cannot get fixed, I will post a video of me blowing up this f*****g quad in some shape or form. All work Flawlessly and the issue came out of absolute nowhere.

So............. New Motors, New ESC's, ALL new wiring. Only the bare essentials connected. Reinstalled Pixhawk firmware. Re-Flashed pixhawk. Re-Flashed Devo Transmitter. Tested quad with pre-arm off. Re calibration of pixhawk. Tried again. Removed power module. Powering pixhawk with 5v leads from ESC's.

The quad cannot leave the ground......It seems as if the quad is EXTREMELY under powered. When at full throttle, the thing runs for a few more seconds, then a full blackout. I mean FULL blackout. ESC's, Flight Controller. even with the battery connected. To power back on, The battery needs to be unplugged and plugged back in again.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help.....................................for god's f*****g sake.

P.S. I intended on using more profanity.....

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There is no need on my part Peter, your assertion on this thread has been addressed. You need not acquiesce and I can see no justification that would suffice.

I'm not sure that my initial assertion has been addressed by anybody of import Martin but I'm happy to acquiesce..

Lol your the man. Things keep getting redundant, so i am just going to wait patiently at this point for the replacement Hawk to come in  haha. Please continue this thread though *Grabs Popcorn*

Well i hope others can learn from my problem, I for one hate having random problems noone has had and not being able to find any answers. Hopefully someone in the future will have this same problem, and have a good laugh while reading up on how to fix it in this thread xD


Troubleshooting is the art of simplifying the problem until you isolate it.

It seems you have a problem with the power where when it gets to a certain load, when the last motor is added - which ever one, you get a brown out which causes everything to fail.

So isolate the power to the motors and the power to the Pixhawk. Use two batteries, one for the FC and one for the rest. By-pass the power module in case the shunt fails under load. Power the FC from a nice solid separate ubec.

Make sure the batteries share the same single ground point.

Cheers and good luck

This seems like your issues are with a cheap copy of the original, better place your bet on the genuine pixhawk and i am sure you wont be using any profanity in the future.

Make a smart investment, be smart and buy the original.

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