Gimbal for GoPro inside waterproof case?

It seems the popular Tarot and Zenmuse gimbals use the GoPro without it's rugged and waterproof housing.  Is there a reputable gimbal that will hold the GoPro while inside it's case?  I am leary of having a $400 camera outside it's protective case.  And if I go the amphibious route that I'm thinking about going, it would be required.

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    • Hi Peter, Nederlands toevallig?

      I have just ordered myself an Aquacopter since I had my Phantom 2 swim twice already due to the watersports I film.

      Cost me 2 gimbals and one go-pro so far. I managed to waterproof the Phantom itself though.  

      However, I am looking for a waterproof solution for a gimbal with Gopro setup on the Aquacopter. 

      One option would be a dampening pivot mount, but a Gimbal with FPV would be what I really want. 

      Could you tell me how you set your Aquacopter up with this gimbal? Is it doable?

      Looking forward to your reply!

      Kind regards, Chris Hemke

      Ps, you can also contact me directly on

    • That looks really nice!

      I was thinking of making my own 3d printed gimbal that would accept the waterproof case, if my 3d printer ever shows up.

  • I've looked high and low the last week as well and found nothing.  I found a few that would support the 1 or 2, but not in it's case.  At this point in my "flying career", I do not get a warm and fuzzy feeling attaching a $400 camera and a $300 gimbal, all totally unprotected.  In a hard crash or unscheduled water landing, that would be destroying $700 worth of gear.

    I've decided to go with the Mobius Action Cam.  The specs and performance are more than adequate for my recreational photography uses.  $75 camera and a $75 gimbal.  I can buy 4 of them for the price of one GoPro and cover every angle under the sun (literally).  There is even a waterproof case out for it now, and the developer is working on a waterproof case with waterproof USB connector for video out.

    • Just came across this resurrected thread.

      Pedals, if you're still around, I have a Mobius Action Cam too. I've been flying with it hard mounted up to now but would really like to get a gimbal for it. Would you mind sharing what gimbal you're using and any issues you had getting it set up with the Mobius? I was under the impression that pretty much all gimbals were set up for the GoPro and that they wouldn't balance with the Mobius, so if you've got one working I'd love to know about it!


      I've made this the last summer. I had problems with yaw on the copter but the stabilization from the two axis gimbal was ok. Now i'm not using it anymore.


  • I haven't found one, so I'm planning to make one up from a couple of 90 degree bent aluminium brackets and some cheap gimbal motors. The rctimer 2805s are my current favourite.

    I have drilled a hole in the side of the gopro's waterproof case so that I can insert the mini USB plug to get the live feed from it, and then I resealed it with sugru. This lets me remove the plug to take the camera out, but it stays quite waterproof while the plug is inserted.

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