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I am trying to create wings for a UAV project I am doing and have limited knowledge of airfoil design.  I have attached some renderings and line drawings of my design that is in progress and wanted to know if someone out there had some advice on if this would work or not.

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  • hey why don't you tell me the max. weight, desired stall speed (or landing speed) and desired cruise speed and i'll see what i can come up with.
  • yeah if you're getting it laser cut go for the wortman, its lovely

    generally, the more cambered (curved) the aerofoil, the more lift its going to produce but at the cost of more drag.
    And a thicker aerofoil will generally stall gently and at a higher angle of attack than a thin one.
    I dont know, I guess people get paid good salaries to refine these things so choosing the perfect aerofoil is probably beyond the scope of anyone here lul

    and as for the elevators or ailerons question, what do you mean ? you definitley need elevators and probably want ailerons for this plane
  • Also, Here is the fuselage Im working on. Still have alot of refining to do with the shape and also need to add the elevators. It will be lasercut out of some light material for the frame and then covered with a composite such as fiberglass or carbon fiber.

  • Thanks a ton for the input. The Clark-Y design looks like something that I should use. Is the Clark-Y design more suited for slow flying and simple maneuverability? Also, should I use elevators instead of ailerons? Im looking to do mostly loitering as it will hopefully be in the air for awhile and be easily flown so it will integrate with the autopilot easier.

    What effect does the lower camber have? More lift but slower speed? The design I used was an existing airfoil and I just didnt know which airfoil characteristics affect which flying traits, so maybe a less aggressive shape will go a long way for my purpose
  • I recommend the WORTMANN FX 60-126


  • For the sake of simple construction since you dont' have a lot of experience I would recommend the Clark-Y Airfoil

    You can get some idea here

    Also move your aileron further out to the tip of the wing and just give it a straight taper is good enough.

  • 1) I would base the airfoil off of an existing airfoil. From the looks of your airfoil you will have a lot of lift at slow speeds, but also a ton of drag and large moment. There are many tools you can use to come up with the wing design (x-foil is a personal favorite) or you can do the sizing by hand since all of the equations are very simple and easy to find online.

    2) You'll want to make the hinge line of your flaps straight.
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