Hi guys,

I've been trying to set up failsafe with my radio and apm 2.0. I want the RTH mode when I loss signal. I've been reading a lot but I don't find a step by step guide to do it. I know I have to set up the positions of the sticks on the radio , and I already have set up the throttle threshold feature on APM but when I turn the radio of I can't see no sign of entering on RTL.

Can someone explain me the whole process a bit or just point me to where it is explained please?


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  • I have an issue with APM 2.0 and RTL mode during a failsafe.

    I want to by pass the circle mode in order to move from any fly mode to RTL as soon as I have a failsafe event instead of passing through cycle mode..

    I could not find the way to do it.

    In a APM 2.0, during a failsafe event.( there was no mode changes when I turn off the TX)

    I got the lowest PWM signal in channel 3, it changed to cicle first and then to RTL, we were not able to avoid circle mode.

    Could you please let me know the way to avoid circle mode during failsafe event in APM 2.0.?

    Thank in advance

  • there is 2 failsafe firmwares available for the RX. the factory mode is the one where you push the button on the RX to save the failsafe. the other optional mode is a frimware upgrade you can download from the FrSky website that allows you to set the failsafe by pressing the button on the TX.

    Factory is set so you dont accidentally set your failsafe to an unknown state by bumping the button on the back of the TX.

  • Developer

    As I understand it, the FrSky TX module has a button it that you use for programming the failsafe functionality of the RX.   You configure the RX so it's channels result in the APM entering RTL mode, and then press the button the TX for it to tell the RX to "remember" that position when the TX is off or out of range.

  • I have similar set up to you..

    To set the failsafe - put sticks where you want them to be when failsafe occurs. set your mode switch(s) for RTL. push the button on the RX and the TX should give a long beep.

    make sure you have a proper gps fix when you test otherwise RTL wont activate, once you have a fix then arm the APM. then move the plane quad whatever you fly about 20-30m away so there is a difference between current position and home. then turn off the tx. if you have a laptop connected or telemtry you should see the mode change in the HUD. moving your plane quad whatever back to home location should change the mode to loiter.

    Sometimes you get weird things happening when switching the TX back on, when you turn it back on the switches have to be a certain way (norm stab mode) and the sticks centered with throttle down... so when turning it back on the RX has signal so goes  to lowest throttle and back to stab mode. So be extra carful doing the test when flying because turning the TX back on screws things up! I would use land over RTL if turning off TX off.

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