• in my new fpv frame ,the compassmot was 160%  , I add an external compass placing it on 30mm stand off  and did nothing less .Re-tested and got 28% . And that's with the 5.8 200ma video tx and board camera along with all the others bits and pieces , esc,motors, APM 2.5 RC rx and miminosd  etc.


    for 5minutes work and £6 for the compass and cable this is an easy fix (touch wood)

  • Foil works very well it made my interference go down %30

  • I know, Copper berilum sheets shield efectively against electromagnetic radiations, downside is, berillium is toxic, but i dont think its hard to get, and if handled with thin gloves should be ok

  • uhmmm....   You can't shield magnetism...!!

    it will go through any material like its not there....

  • I have my esc aprox 3 " out on each arm and the apm mounted on an aluminum plate and am having no problems

  • Could I suggest a Length of Low Loss Coaxial Cable like RG214.

    The shielding should reduce the problem.

  • Developer

    I'm with Euan, best material you can use is an 'air gap'. 5cm (2.5' in old money) away and you will have perfect performance.

  • Skip the materials and go straight to the compass elevation; it's the only guaranteed way to improve compassmot.

    Take it from a man with 2 sheets of mostly unused and mainly unpredictable mumetal in his drawer...:-)
  • T3
    I've used aluminum foil folded in half, just under my stack just above my PDB.
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