Good morning all,

 I can't wait for OSD integration for APM anymore, I'm going to buy a Remzibi! I lost my AC2 the other day in very strong wind, and I figure a good way to save hours of stress and worry would be to record the FPV video at my ground station end and simply play it back and read the last Lat/Long coordinates to narrow the search.

Having a big crash like this unplugs batteries, so I can't just use my FPV goggles and guess where it went.


Can anyone advise what piece of hardware would be best to plug into the Video out of my Video receiver?

Don't really want to use USB capture for a laptop, as it just gives me more stuff to carry around.


There must be a small, portable, dedicated video recorder that I can get?


By the way, any advice to give me more pitch control to fight the wind would be appreciated!


thanks to all


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Were you fully pitched while fighting the wind? you could use Acro mode to give yourself more control.

Hi Adam.

I was fully pitched forward, but in Stabilize mode. At the time of my last setup I couldn't see Acro as an option anymore, I'm probably mistaken. I'll check it out when I get home. cheers

This is a good example of the  need to realize when to cut a flight short and get the airframe back to terrafirma whatever way you can. I don't need to say anything else obviously.

When wind is minimal at ground level, and then very strong just metres up and there is no authority or power to fight it, options are few. I do wish I'd turned in earlier to at least drift back down within the park. No real damage done, but a good lesson to learn. I'm happy to share my mistakes with the community :)

What about a camcorder set to VCR mode?

That's a bl**dy good idea, I did think of that but was unsure whether you could get camcorders with RCA video in?

U can use an irecord ( ... have an old version so not sure how the new ones work but I think it is what you're looking for (i.e., portable and dedicated video [even an audio] recorder) :)

Thanks for that Roger, much appreciated, I'll have a look-see

Never used it, but saw this one. Might be of interest?

I've since purchased the MinimOSD, and a Mini SD Card DVR from, so I can record the FPV video.

Then if I lose her again, I can simply play back the video, and get the last known lat/long position data!

Just curious to know, did you get your copter back?

Hey Chris, yes I did thanks. Just two hours after it disappeared, I got a random email asking me to elaborate what "the reward consisted of ". As I'd put an "if found please contact(:blah blah email address), reward offered" label on her. Figuring it was going to cost me a fortune, I was surprised when the finder simply wanted Nz$20. Hell, I gave him $25, what a good bast**d, chuffed! The good ol' GoPro and APM 1 survived, check out my salvaged video of the hilarious events at:

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