MinimOSD Extra - Pixhawk - 3.1.5 - RSSI

Ok my OSD will come up and I thought I would add the RSSI data from the FrSky X8R however after I set the voltage read to 3.3 v and connect the RSSI port to the SBUS port 103 it says 48% maybe 47% but does not seem to move.. I can change the other setting for the read pin and it will got down to 38% but seems I am doing something wrong...

After this change I noticed the the minim OSD will stop updating after take off... (this was fixed by updateding the minim-osd extra code to a newer update)

any guidance will be much appreciated.. maybe some double checking of the RSSI out to the sbus port and the proper configuration as I cannot seem to find the answers definitively

it may be coincidence but anyone else that can lend some advice it would be much appreciated..

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  • PWM RSSI is not yet supported (or at least I don't think it is).  Because of this you need to convert the FrSky PWM signal to analog.  This can be done with an diy RC filter.  

      • Nice, but and how about the pixhawk? it does not have this rail as APM has!

        And I'm using the FrSky 4DR-II in the RC in port!

        Have the same problem that F. C. was having mine shows 58% its wrong and it does not move!!!

        Please help!

        • For pixhawk, you connect analog RSSI in to the "SB" port.  You will need an analog filter to convert the PWM RSSI on CH2 of the D4R-II to analog.

          • Hi Scott,

            sorry but I didn't understand very well, so I need:

            one cable to enstabilish the connection between the RSSI port of the Frsky RX and the SB port of Pixhawk.

            Then for me it isn't so clear what you mean in the last part of your post, can you explain it better? Thank you very much!

      • Looking at the picture I cannot quite make out the connections of both capacitor and resister. 

        If you someone can draw out a diagram I will be willing to get a bunch made up and will keep them stocked in our store if others want them. 

          • Thank you Joe... 

            If anyone is interested, either way I will have several dozen built up for sale as I plan on integrating them into our RTF UAV builds that have FPV.

            happy to just sell this part if someone want them...

            • If this will work for orange openlrsng to pixhawk to smooth out the bouncing rssi, I would like two. Please let me know how to order them.
            • Hi, can you post a picture? Thank you

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