Mounting a S100 cannon camera on my drone

I just bought a s100 cannon camera for doing field mapping and NDVI mapping and I'm trying to figure out how to mount it to my multi copter.  Any advice to what gimbal I should be looking for or what else I could use.  thanks.  

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  • S100 Canon is good camera. i am also using it.

  • I recommend Flatmap1 Gimbal specific for mapping purposes.

    Although you have to create your own bracket holder if you use multirotor:


  • @Corey O What mount did you opt for in the end and how did it work out? (I've been experimenting with a hard mount via the tripod screw on my Y6, but I think I need to improve the vibration dampening).

    • I don't post very much but I have been down the road that you are going down and I thought that I would contribute what I did. First off I was using a Y6 with a Canon camera and right off the bat I had a weight limit of 600G to work with. If you buy an expensive Lipo battery from you can get an additional 200g of payload because their batteries are 200g lighter than the one that is supplied by 3d Robotic. I think thunder power is the one that I looked at. I did not go that route.

      I built a very simple pendulum mount out of a RC universal joint. Attached is the picture. For nadir photography this works really well. I put a strip of foam between the mount and the carbon fiber deck.3702520197?profile=original



      If you are adamant about using a brushless gimbal with your Canon and the Y6 I think it can be done. I bought an RC timer Gimbal and that and the Camera weigh in right at 600g. You better do some serious testing though. The little Canon weighs 250g and I could tell some serious performance limitations just with that small payload. I never flew the Y6 with 600g. I think that it would be maxed out. 

      Thanks everyone for the awesome posts. I would have never got as far without everyone's help. Oh yeah the software for the RC Timer's controller sux. You better pop a Ritalin and get ready for a weekend project just to figure that thing out. 3702520269?profile=original

      • That's not the gimbal to be using for a camera of that size. I could never even get good results out of a nex5 with that gimbal so stopped using it.

        I 3d printed a gimbal for my s110, and with the camera attached it weighs 370g, and could be made lighter. The design needs a slight rework before I'm happy with it, but I have a small ~1.8kg quad with 10" props that will lift the s110 and gimbal for over 10 minutes easily with a 4s 5k battery.

    • I designed a mount that would work with the Tarot 2D gimbal bracket and use the existing dampeners, so it's essentially a vibration dampened nadir mount. Works really well, can get it 3D printed, two parts, two screws, then 1/4" mounting bolt for the camera.

      • i was thinking about this same idea using the tarrot mount vibration damper for holding camera in Nadir do you have the 3D printer files for your design ?

        • I just checked and, unfortunately, I do not have the solid models any more... Pretty perplexed as to where they went.

          What I did was measure the hole spacing and depth of the Tarot plate, and emulate those with a 3-D model. I then designed a second piece to mate the camera and the plate.

      • Good work, David! This is exactly the solution I'm looking for :)

      • @David, could you share how you built the mount that would work with the Tarot 2D gimbal bracket?

        You wrote about a design that could be 3d printed. I'm really interested in using it with Canon s100 and 3dr iris quad with tarot 2d gimbal.

        Thanks, Nadia

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