I have just finish building my Quad. There are lots of information on setting up the quad and configuring it with Configurator. Thank you for all these details. My quad is working, (haven't tested GPS or Magnetometer yet) motors arm correctly and I can get it in the air with Acrobatic mode. Yet there is lost of tuning to be done.

Does anybody have some details in tuning all these different PID values (Acrobatic, Stable, Position Hold, Altitude Hold). Where do I start? I believe my quad only needs lots of tunning in order to function well.

Please help.

Thanx again for this Project. Can not wait to get my hands on the developed frame.

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I also have difficulties tuning the PID values. Maybe more experienced members would like to share knowledge and experiences here.

My observations are (for pitch PID tuning - stable mode):

- Quad position always ends in nose down position if P < 1.5 and/or D < 1.2 (I = 0.1)
- Quad oscillates (perfect sinusoidal wave) if P = 1.5 and D = 1.2 (I = 0.1)
- If I < 0.1 quad can not level itself (stops leveling at some angle)

And my setup for PID tuning (currently for pitch):

Hello did you ever get your PIDs set and if yes can you please post your numbers thank you Tom
did you try to fly in stable mode with default values?
is it stable? does it oscilate?
Tom, I did fly with default PIDs. If you can write details of your quad (weight, distance between motors, motors etc.) we may help you.

OK the frame weight is 875g and from center of motor two center is 24inch hope this will help thank you Tom
Motor and propeller size is also important. My quad flies well with Turnigy 2217-20 and APC 10x4.7 using default PIDs. APC 10x4.7 did not work well with KDA 20-22L. But it was stable with a combination of Master Airscrew 10x6 and KDA 20-22L using default values.

Your propeller size seems 8x3.8 which I think a little bit small. Increasing propeller size (depending on motors) may improve stability.

I recommend you to read this for PID tuning:

I'm sorry the props i have on it now are 10X4.7 and motors are Exceed optima 300 1100kv 25-30 amp hobby kings ESC what is doing with the default settings is wobbling the default are P=4.00 I=0.150 D=1.200 that's for roll and pitch any info will help Tom
I think your motors do not have adequate power. I recommend you to try 2217-20 or equivalent.
nice radio, do you recommend it?
sorry it doesn't help you but i ever wanted to ask someone with this radio system ;)
There are some tips in Aeroquad website about PID calibration.


Because both projects are very similar, try using the tutorial they provide and see if that works fine for you.

Leonardo, control approach is different from aeroquad. Current tuning tips are here:

Yes the radio is awesome i would highly recommend it thanks for the help i will order some new motors and also i will keep playing with the PIDs Tom

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