Does anyone use the follow me flight mode with the Pixhawk? I am based in the UK and I am trying to find the most suitable equipment to use for the GPS dongle. Ideally I would like it as lightweight and small as possible. I am hoping to get some aerial footage while mountain biking.

Are you able to use a tablet with the dongle or will you have to run around with a laptop?

Many thanks

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You can run droidplanner on a android phone in your pocket, that's the smallest option.
Be sure to plan properly.

Do you also need an additional gps receiver or do the androids already have this built in at a good enough level?

Most are better than good enough, then you have some that have not only GPS, but also GLONASS, and are fantastic even in urban areas and when surrounded by high cliffs/mountains.

I saw this list of what phone models support GLONASS:

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