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Recently got a new pixhawk and have a perplexing question with regards to cables for the GPS, 3DR radio and the power module.  All 3 units have a 6-pin connector on the Pixhawk (GPS, Telem 1, Power) and all 3 have 6-pin connectors on themselves.  However, the system came with 1 6-6 cable and 3 6-5 cables.  The 6-5 pin cables only have 5 wires and skip the 5th pin on the 6-pin connector.  So, what cables do I use to connect these units to the Pixhawk.  With only 1 6-6 cable, can't connect the other 2 units.

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  • I know a good supplier of customized wiring harness in China. I hope it can help you. Here is the link, please click.

  • So when you guys made your own cables, did you connect them to the pixhawk in the same order as they were on the plug? As in, do the wires translate one to one?

    The reason I ask is that I have a GPS 6 to 6 cable, however the plug is the wrong size to fit in the pixhawk and the wires are all red. So before I go plugging them in I thought to ask if they are in the right order.



  • Call 3DR and have the correct 6x6 cables sent to you.

  • I just ran in to the same problem. I ordered the exact same thing as you have listed above, and got to the point of hooking things up and noticed that the cables were wrong. With the Pixhawk, they only included 6 to 5 cables. I believe the telemetry module had a 6 to 6, but the GPS also came with just a 5 to 6. I sent a message to their support asking about their intent with the system, but if I dont hear much, I will likely just disassemble the cables and come up with two 6 to 6 pin cables.

    • Hi,

      We're in the same situation here, we've ordered two complete sets of Pixhawks, GPS and Telemetry, yet the GPS comes with a 6 to 5 pin plugs, yet it needs 6 to 6 pin plugs! There are no additional 6 to 6 pin plugs spare, so what gives? Is this just a screw up? Why should I need to go order ANOTHER set of cables just for something that should be shipped in the package?

      • On first bringing this to the attention of customer service, I was given a document that didnt have much to do with the issue, on cabling. Then, I responded that the cabing doc didnt make sense and they verified I in fact was given wrong cables. They agreed that I should have had 6 pin cables. They said that they would send out new cable to me. Then, instead of waiting, I just modified the cables I had to be 6 pin on both sides (I had enough ends and cable to do that from what was in the packaging). That all worked fine. But, I completely forgot after that about the cables that they said they would send me, it never happened.That was 3-4 weeks ago.

        • I just did the same thing, made my own cables out of the extras we were sent... being shipped the wrong items seems to be a common occurrence. How hard can it be to validate the packages before shipping? oh well, we test flew this (our second) pixhawk last night - also had issue with PX4 SD card again but already in contact with Tiffany from 3DR who is being very helpful. 

          • Ya I am having the same issue too. I guess I will just do what you guys did and make my own. They probably just have a manufacturing or supplier problem or something. Thanks for the insights!

  • At least when I received my Pixhawk, power module, 3DR radio, and GPS module they each came with the appropriate cables for connecting to either a Pixhawk or an APM, and all the 6-6 cables were fully connected.  The APM uses the 6-5 pin DF13 cable for the GPS.

    In theory pin 2 on the power module is a duplicate vcc and pin 5 is a duplicate ground, so you might use one of the 6-6 which skips the fifth wire to connect the power module.  But to be safe I would just order the fully populated cables.

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