Pixhawk-lite vs PX4mini vs pixfalcon

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody can help me decide on which small form factor pixhawk is the best in terms of cost/performance/usability.


Pixhawk lite




I like this form factor, the cover, and the price, but it's missing the ability to have the buzzer, which in my opinion is quite important. Manufacturing QA/QC may be an issue.





Price is great, not really sure what (if anything) is missing compared to the pixhawk. Also, kinda needs a cover to get it to stick down. Not sure who manufactures this guy.





Great form factor, great functions, reliable manufacturer, but very very pricey.

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    • vrbrain core seem impressive

      what is the price for you new board?

    • The VR uBrain is a nice board indeed. Did two builds with the previous version (5.0) , sandwiched in an SD card package where I could attach the baro foam in betweenn and the anti vib foam underneath .

      ahgxo2i4.jpgBut I did not know the VR Brain Core yet, very interesting form factor ! Is it required to compile Arducopter for it, or does it run with the uBrain FW via MP as well ?

  • Another alternative: After my 2nd PIXHAWK LITE came DOA (LSM303) , I ordered a PX4LITE .In fact a PIXHAWK V2 derivate despite the name. I implanted it into a Cheerson CX-20 / Quanum NOVA and did a few pics.

    3702141075?profile=originalNice housing, clear connections.

    3702140876?profile=originalObviously some components left away, build quality better than PIXHAWK LITE, some sort of internal damping, which did not work too well, counter weight to small ?

    3702140942?profile=originalbut with HK orange latex,I´ve got incredible low vibs

    3702141098?profile=originalI made a connection diagram

    3702141117?profile=originaland yes I installed a Mauch Hall sensor Power Module as well. (100A version)


    And it flies great, with stock PID, I just had to set up Emergency Motor Stop @ Ch8 because the land detection of 3.3.2 doesn´t work too well with this light bird (it does at my heavier builds though)

    So the PX4LITE is sure a great alternative for those cheap builds.

    Complete re-fit of the Quanum NOVA shown here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2557082

    • Just received my gold px4lite. Did you have trouble calibrating the internal mag? The live calibration does 3 samples then hangs. If I disable the internal compass and use only the external, the calibration runs fine (the sphere rotates, get lots of samples, finishes successfully). I figured maybe the lsm303d was dead, but looking in the HUD-status, I see values for both imus and everything looks normal.

    • Compared to the pixhawk lite, the px4lite did drop the 4th serial port but gained the buzzer and led? What about the the included pdb/powermodule?

      Look interesting enough to order one.

      • Tom, they dropped dropped the AUX,CAN, SPi connectors as well. Concerning the 5/12V pdb /Powermodule with rubber dampers, one could buy as well (not nec. included)...For my taste: Waste of space and my logs were great using HK Orange Latex. Since the Nova is a 3s bird anyways, I don´t need a big surface HK style 5V/12V supply.

    • Gervais - I do not think the PX4LITE is a PixHawk2 derivative. That would require mechanical vibration isolation. This board is a PixHawk1 derivative.

      • In fact, PX4v2 was meant. I wrote that, because the name PX4 is pointing to a PX4v1.(like Airbot FC) .

        Although the PX4LITE is coming with an mechanically vibration isolated IMU (embedded in foam), its sure no PIXHAWK 2 (which is not called PIXHAWK V2..) derivate ;-)

        Sorry for the confusion.

  • Please take care there are 3 different versions of the PIXhawk light 1. bad silk screen 2.reversed POWER connector 3 . reversed I2c & UART ports to built in compass . the PIX HAWK falcon seems to be consistent. stable design the one I like the most though is the  Pix hawk light you can find the new gold Pix Hawk . RC groups as well as Diy drones threads on them!


    the falcon with NM8GPS


    Pixhawk Lite 32bit Open Source Flight Controller PX4LITE [QA447] - $98.99 : OFFTHEGRIDWATER.CA, RC…
    OFFTHEGRIDWATER.CA Pixhawk Lite 32bit Open Source Flight Controller PX4LITE [QA447] - Features -This flight is we on the basis of the original PIXHAW…
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