• Dear All,

    I own a DJI S900 with a Pixhawk controlling it and have done some land surveying missions with great success! 

    I recently mounted a Gremsy H6 gimbal and test flew it. I had a lot of vibration especially in the landing gear where you could see it juggling like crazy!

    Has anyone faced this problem before? Is it an auto tune issue?

    I have also included a screenshot of the Ba3702112465?profile=originalsic Tuning page showing my values.

    Thank you for your time


  • Please send us parameters snd pids for s1000
  • FFinally got it all working, had a really simple issue...

  • Hi all, 

    I'm in the middle of the pixhawk conversion on my S1000 and have my motors configured as such (as recommended in another post). Can someone please confirm this configuration? Just want to make sure that how I have it set up now is proper. Also I tested the system with the vehicle strapped to a workbench and noticed that once I bumped the throttle up 2 clicks on the ratchet, the motors were almost full throttle. Any ideas? 



    I swapped the 2 red arms, be sure #1 = CW, the rest fall into place.

    S1000 frame motor # ---> Pixhawk M out#

    1                                          1

    2                                          5

    3                                          7

    4                                          6

    5                                          2

    6                                          4

    7                                          8

    8                                          3

  • We did setup multiple DJI S900 (the originals, no clones) with Pixhawk and several gimbals, without problems.

    The only thing we changed are the 12 bumpers under the battery/gimbal plate, to use more stronger ones.

    • Hi Geoffrey,

      Any chance you could share the PID screeshoot page?

      Thanks in advance.


      • Sure, I can, but it has no sense, your PID are depending of the weight of the machine, gimbal size, disposition,...

        Ensure that your machine is handling vibration correctly, and do an auto-tune, that's all you need

  • Just took my DJI S1000+ with pixhawk for its first successful flight and shes a beauty. Did a bit of an auto-tune. Had the landing gear down and no camera/gimbal attached. Will have to re tune when this is all on but I hope this helps people for now.

    3701925930?profile=originalI'd be interested to know what people have set for their THR_MIN setting after seeing the crash video above. 


    • Also I'm interested in knowing how much slop you have in the landing gear when it's down. Mine has around 4mm of play in the axis it normally moves in, and I'm wondering how much this is contributing to the issues I'm having. Does yours have a similar amount of play, or is it solid when down?

      • wow wel I wouldn't be surprised if that play in the landing gear is your problem. Mine has none, its firm when up and down. Theres a spring putting quite a bit of tension on, is yours a bit loose maybe? the mechanism for retraction together with the spring on mine is quite nice, sort of locks the gear in place untill the servo wants to move it. 3702686178?profile=original3702686420?profile=original

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