Is there any reason why this wouldn't work? Has anybody tried it?

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why bother with DJI s900 if there is s1100 by rctimer for just a little bit more? 

Thanks Artem, I'll take a look. I wasn't even aware of this site / brand. Can I ask what makes them better

I'm about to build a few DJI S900 with Pixhawks. Seems like a fantastic combo. I'm really impressed with the S900 so far.

I can let you know how it goes. We should get these builds and initial flight tests done next week.

The RCtimer s1100 is nice but I think the original DJI s900 has some clear advantages if you don't need the extra payload capacity.

Thanks Mark

rctimer almost cloned s1000, both are 1060mm diameters, but DJI went with s1000 and rctimer went with s1100. arm mounting used in the s1100 is full alloy with stainless steel pivot pins.  on the s1000 DJI uses a plastic fixation knob to arrest arm in the unfolded position.

@mark how stiff is that plastic? I saw many replacements being sold online and assumed that those are expected to wear out. 

Both are very fine pieces of equipment. Of course there is a difference between the DJI motors ($180 a piece) and RCtimer ones ($60 a piece) but both are 4114 400kv. there is a comparison on youtube where a guy compared tarot($50) , rctimer( $60), tmotor ($95) and a DJI motor for $145.  Difference between thrust and efficiency was not bad at all (DJI being the best) but if I were to chose I would go with tmotor, simply put .2 amp efficiency of the DJI motor over tmotor at 1kg thrust doesn't justify $50 price difference at least for me quality being tmotor. So if I were you (and wanted to keep the same 1060mm size) I would get an empty kit from rctimer, they sell it if you send them an email, and put tmotors on it. However, if I you are not constrained by the 1060mm size I would get the bare rctimer kit with ESCs and buy longer arms to make it 1300mm. Foxtech has a wonderful 5010 288kv motor ($70), paired with an efficient 18" prop it gives 1.5kg thrust at less than 6amps, what is better however is that at 1kg it draws only 3amps!  

Hi Mark

Great response Artem,

What about distribution board, is there any benefits of RCtimer over updated DJI board on the S900

Im also more interested in a smaller booms (will only ever carry a GH4, currently just a GoPro) are you aware of any smaller RCtimer foldable frames that fold the same way as a S900?

Video Artem was talking about is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMofgsiBA2k

main power distro is separate on the rctimer s1100, however, it has the needed "wire mess reduction" traces on the bottom plate which is actually a PCB.  

more about power distribution of s1100:    http://uavobjects.smugmug.com/S1100/     in the stock configuration s1100 will fly at least for 15min with a canon 5d size camera + 3axis gimbal.

if you some research on the power consumption of those 4114 motors rctimer uses you can see that they will consume about 5amps at 1200g thrust with 1552  prop giving AUW of 9.6kg  for best efficiency. @ 4.2kg s1100 dry weight this leaves you at least 5kg for the camera, gimbal and batts. gimbal~1600g, camera+lens ~ 1600g, the rest batts~2kg  (this can be 2x 8Ah 10c 6s) this setup will give you about 20mins. GH4 fits this setup just fine....  

Hi artem,
I was email Nina from RCtimer to ask for empty frame and they sell it 1400usd without motor, esc and landing skid. I'm also compare it with Foxtech Kraken K130 empty frame for 1325usd.
Do you think the pivot arm folding of S1100 will hold with total AUW 16 ~ 18kg?
Planning to convert it into X16 for maximum payload of 10kg (4kg Ronin+ 2kg Camera + 4kg batteries)

I like the S1100 small footprint, but will it stand for masive payload weight?

yes, the folding mechanism is rather solid, but is not as strong as the k130. K130 weights ~6kg dry though, compared to ~4.2kg of the s1100.  

s1100 is not meant to carry 18kg due more to its PCB center plate vs aluminum(bottom) and 4mm CF(top) of the k130. The only reason I would upgrade s1100 it to 1300mm with 288kv motors is to gain more flight time and keep AUW under 13kg, just like foxtech recommends for the k130. Under 15kg I estimate one could fly red dragon + gimbal for 15min+ on the s1100 stretched to 1300mm, 288kv motors, 1886 props. 

At 1400 price point without landing gear their logic is less than questionable... just get the whole thing for 2k and sell the motors for $50 a piece easy on ebay :)

p.s. for your purpose I think you need k130, as I think your total weight will come closer to 20kg.

I think you are right, is there any way to found out the weight of K130 without motor and landing skid?

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