RFD900, RFD900+ - New long range radio modem

Hi All,

I would like to introduce you to a new radio modem that we developed for very long range datalinks!


Some of the key features of the RFD900 are as follows:

  • Multi point and point to point link capability.
  • Long range >40km depending on antennas and GCS setup.
  • 2 x RP-SMA RF connectors, diversity switched.
  • 1 Watt (+30dBm) transmit power.
  • Transmit low pass filter.
  • > 20dB Low noise amplifier.
  • RX SAW filter.
  • Passive front end band pass filter.
  • Open source firmware / tools, field upgradeable, easy to configure.
  • Small (30 x 57 x 13 mm), light weight (14.5g).
  • Compatible with 3DR / Hope-RF radio modules.
  • License free use in Australia, Canada, USA, NZ.


These modems are designed to support long range applications, while being easy to use and affordable.  

These modems have been flying in various platforms and have demonstrated excellent performance in real applications. 

RFD900 modems are now available at: http://store.rfdesign.com.au

Support within APM planner and the radio configurator from Michael Oborne is already available.

It works seamlessly with APM planner, all radio Mavlink parameters are available.

Update, December 2014:  The RFD900+ with improved specifications is available now at:


Seppo Saario



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    • I think that feature is for a new piece of hardware, not yet released.

      Im keen on it also, and have been waiting quietly for some time now.

      While I have your attention, I sent you an email a few weeks ago regarding the SpidexV3 bottom plate PDB and more specifically, a part number for the choke that's meant to be soldered to it. Any chance you'd be able to help me out with a quick explanation/reply to the email.

      I did get a response from the quaternium staff, but all they sent me was 2 videos showing how to build the V2 frame, nothing on the choke.

  • Hello,

    I am looking to increase my actual range of telemetry in my IRIS+ , today I can get from 100 to 300 mts, depending on the day and the obstacles, If I add a RFD 900+ connected to my Notebook in the field and mantaining the 3DR stock telemetry in my IRIS+ would I be able to connect them, will this increase the reception at my Notebook from telemetry from the RIS+?

    What changes or tunning will be needed to make this working...I do not need 1 kms range , just being able to get perfect telemetry form 600-700 mts will be great for my Mapping uses of the IRIS+



    • I use a 100mw on my aircraft and the RFD900 on the ground and still maintain 98% telemetry link at 1.5-2 miles. The link is so good I really have no reason to put an RFD900 in the aircraft.

  • Hi Seppo,

    I have two of your RFDFLEX1 900MHz antennas and one of RFDFLEX2 and we are going to build a rangevideo rvjet.


    Do you have any suggestion which two antennas and where and how to place them for best performance?

    rangevideo rvjet - Google Search
    • The RFDFLEX1is a better antenna but difficult to mount vertically. The best orientation is one antenna vertically and one horizontally. I would use the RFDFLEX2 on a vertical stabilizer and a RFDFLEX1 mounted horizontally on the fuselage or wing.
  • Hello,

    Is there any updates on the AES128 bit encryption for the RFD900+?

    It's been promised for quite a while but I can't seem to see any updates or progress on this.

    Thank you,


    • +1 here! This would be an amazing addition

  • Hi,
      I have a problem about rfd900 telemetry. If I connect to apm board, all system is shut down and esc is beeping, Only apm onboard power led lighting (yellow or orange one)..Ezuhf rx, gps is not working or any light not working.  Rfd900 is not working but one red led low light (not blinking). When some time passed rfd900 a little warming up.


    I changed what it was like.

    Previously I powering the fpv system external lipo and now I powering  all system (fpv,apm,esc v.s.) 1 lipo (3s). 

    3702110623?profile=originalThis is my last system's diagram. I don't understand what happened. If it was high voltage firstly burn apm power module and apm.

    I measure the voltage telemetry's voltage pin with a multimeter. 2.3v (damaged one) 4.2 (healty telemetry. my gcs telemetry)

    I think  rfd900 is not burn, it seems a short circuit in rfd900.

    What are you think about this problem. Can I fix it or this problem under the warrant? @Seppo ?

    • Enes connect a external BEC to the 900 and see if the voltage come up to 5v, the way you have it connected it is dropping the 5v coming from the APM.

      If the Red light stays on solid after connecting BEC you most likely will have reflash the firmware, I had to do that on both of my 900's.

      From looks of your wiring diagram, you are having your APM supplying to many different 5v connections which most cases it's dropping your 5v to 4.2v .


      • Hi James,
          I tried your advice. When I connect to external BEC to the 900 I read 4.99v from multimeter. When I connect  the healty telemetry this value is 5.11v. If I nothing connect to 5v BEC voltage is the same 5.11v

        Red led low light  (same)

        I don't understand whats the wrong?

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