Unstable wobble in Loiter

I could use some help resolving stability issues while in loiter. I set up my heavy quad using Auto Tune. While trying to test Loiter stability my quad started to loose control. I tried to keep it in Loiter as much as possible. When it began to loose control i would switch it to Alt Hold and it would settle down. Once control would return i would return it to Loiter. I am not to familiar with reading logs (I don't know what I'm looking at). If any one can tell by reviewing the Log I would appreciate any help you can offer.

2014-09-16 13-07-28.zip

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  • 3D Robotics

    That's usually due to poor magnetometer calibration. Have you double-checked that?

    • Chris, 

      Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have checked it. I spent about 10 minutes spinning in circles trying to fill the globe up with reference points to calibrate the compass. I was quite dizzy. LOL. It is also oriented in the correct direction. Both Scott Penrose and I have built Quads using the U8 Tiger motors and we are both having stability issues. 

      • Describe the "wobble" please. Is it tilting back and forth or is it staying more or less level while moving around?

        • It becomes violent over corrections back and forth side to side.
          • I had the same issue recently.

            I've mounted an external compass on my APM 2.6 and my Quad behaved as yours in Loiter.

            I spend two hours to discover that the compass orientation was wrong. The orientation of the compass was good (Quad facing North, HUD displayed 0°) but I need to set a ROLL_XXX to be OK.

            My symptoms on the desk : Connect your quad to Mission Planner, rotate it (fabout 30 degrees) on the Yaw axis and observe the compass orientation. In my case, the value moves down and up before stabilize.

            With the correct orientation of the compass, the change of compass orientation is stable in HUD and the loiter is rock stable.

            Hope this helps !


          • could you give the details of your set up 

            some pics would help too 


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