The only way to get meaningful search results from this site is to use GOOGLE's advanced search feature to search this domain.

I have a terrible time trying to search for information on this site.

I'm usually not certain whether the info that I'm looking for is a blog post or a forum discussion or who posted it and the results from any searches on this site provide results that have no apparent weighing criteria that I can discern.

Often, [ most often , actually]  the top of the search results list are very old postings, which wouldn't be so bad if they were chronological. But the search results are just a jumble.

Please mister DIY Drones web master can you fix the next-to-useless  search engine on this site.


Or take it away, because it's like offering a hungry person plastic fruit to eat.

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Agreed! I have stopped using the built in search engine as it is pretty much useless. 24 hours after somebody posted about something, if it`s not listed in the left hand pane anymore, it might as well be gone unless you ask uncle Google.

This is one of many problems that stem from the reliance on ning, unfortunately there is no diydrones web admin that is going to be able to fix this because it is 3rd party

It's probably worth going to something more like a wiki format.

Yes search is useless... But using Google Search might be possible even with Ning:

Thank you for this post, discussion, thread...I don't even know what to call it. This site has me so damn confused I can't find anything. This is actually the only thing I HATE about the APM. I had complaints about RCGroups, but after this experience I realize how well it works. At least I know its not just me being ignorant, searching really is a nightmare.

I'm surprised....there are so little complaints about this crappy site.
Probably because everyone konws nothing can be done, and it usless even mentioning it.

What needs to be done is to move this to RCGROUPs.
Why are we still here? Time to move, long overdue.

Not only is the search useless, but so is the way the threads handle replies.
I don't even bother reading other peoples replies, I always skip to the end of the thread I read.
So you miss out, because I don't want to have to back to my email and click on every single reply, which could number in the hundreds even if you missed a few days.

The thread replies need to be linear, not subbed.

I seen other people try to start Arducopter threads in RCGROUPS.
But unfortunetly none of the key players here know about them, or care to go there.
And this is the problem. The thread Managmenent and developers need to anounce a change, if its going to happen.

It really is a pitty, that such good information goes to oblivion.



I am a newbie and I depend on  searching the forums in order not to ask already answered questions.

However, the search on this site is useless.

Any intention to improve the search feature?

What is the mechanism to improve our environment?

The great hope for many matters is Ning 3, it should roll out soon and improve things. 

I'll add another hand to the - The Search Is Lousy. Everything I try to search on comes up ---- empty.....

Not sure of any of the site admins looked into switching search engines?

Best workaround until then google in the following format: "xxxxxxx" and you shall find what you are looking for :)

I guess nothing has changed since this was last discussed (no ning 3?) but I will add that the Discussions search field returns nothing no matter what I put it in. 

It still remains broken, its the platform, Ning that is the issue nothing site admins can do can change it. The google custom search boxes do not render in the HTML boxes provided by Ning.

Yes Ning 3 is the hope at the minute. 

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