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Bimo Bimo commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post MyGeekShow building a 120km+ range 115kph+ cruise Raptor140
"Trent said:
"My main concern is that 170kph of "travel speed" with a 14in column of air is TOTALLY different than a 170kph of "travel speed" with a 10in column of air..."
Is there a difference between these two flying modes, although both are going…"
Jan 12, 2014
Bimo Bimo commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM-powered space plane has successful autonomous return from 100,000 ft
"what did they use for communication?"
Nov 19, 2013
Bimo Bimo replied to Martyn D's discussion 6s charging solutions
"Can you please share your thoughts/experience on using  re-purposed server power supplies?
For example:
Oct 22, 2013
Bimo Bimo commented on Wipo's blog post Y6 / X8 Thrust efficiency test
"What would be the effect of the side-by-side distance on thrust efficiency?"
Aug 23, 2013
Bimo Bimo commented on Phil P's blog post Ground Control Trailer and Drone build. Part 3. Lots of changes!
"Which site do you use for the web based weather radar?
How do you use the info from the site?"
Aug 18, 2013
Bimo Bimo commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post Arduino-based mode switch
"I tried to download the Mode switch for APM - Gerber files, but I got this error message:
Error while downloading file File not found on server."
Aug 4, 2013
Bimo Bimo commented on Steve Maller's blog post The end of my quad
"What are pre-flights and safety procedures?"
Aug 3, 2013
Bimo Bimo commented on lianpinkoh's blog post Vegetation Monitoring UAV – Greenland
"What is the configuration of this UAV?
How many flight minutes were you able to achieve?"
Aug 2, 2013
Bimo Bimo commented on Steve Maller's blog post The end of my quad
"Request to Erman Ozen
Can you please elaborate on these procedures:
My first flight was a RTL switch test, second emergency landing and third was cutting transmitter for fail safe. I repeat this every time I load new firmware on my work bench and…"
Aug 2, 2013
Bimo Bimo posted a discussion
Can you please advice me on meeting these applications?Transport: carry 20 lbs for 5 miles.Slow Films: travel at 5 MPH for 1 hour.Action Films: travel at 30 MPH for 10 minutes.Are the goals of 20 lbs. for 5 miles and 5 mph for 1 hour very…
Jul 15, 2013
Bimo Bimo replied to Bimo Bimo's discussion metrics for comparing models

Recent announcements from 3DR

How can I objectively compare the three models:
3DR Hexa, 3DR Y6, 3DR X8
What metrics are available for this comparison?

Jul 10, 2013
Bimo Bimo posted a discussion
what are the metrics used to compare different models/builds?What are the performance measurements  (Distance traveled, weight lifted, speed meter/second,  ...) that enable us to compare different models?These metrics will quantify the impact of…
Jul 5, 2013
Bimo Bimo replied to Chris Card's discussion USE GOOGLE TO SEARCH ON DIY DRONES
"I am a newbie and I depend on  searching the forums in order not to ask already answered questions.
However, the search on this site is useless.

Any intention to improve the search feature?
What is the mechanism to improve our DIYDrones.com…"
Jun 23, 2013
Bimo Bimo commented on Darren's blog post Domino's 'DomiCopter' drone can deliver two large pepperonis
">>The agency hired custom drone makers in the U.K. and tested a few prototypes until they found the best.
Does anyone know which custom drone makers participated, what was the configuration of their prototypes, and what was the criteria for…"
Jun 14, 2013