I have successfully built an API that will work with Ipad/ Iphone and will be able to port it to Android. This app can create missions, follow live mavlink .9 (Still working on 1.0) data with telemetry data. Cool thing is that it is a cheap cable to make. I want to know how many people would be interested in this App and the cable. There will be two versions one for jail broke devices that will have a few extras and for regular IOS and Droid OS. If there enough buzz I will give a lucky few in couple weeks a free beta pass through iTunes to be able to test and use for flight. What the app does is that it send a mavlink message to the xbee or 3d radio back and forth so you be able to fly and track using your tablet or phone.



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    Zachary go for Mav1.0 as 0.9 is getting obsolete now. All future development in done under Mav 1.0.
    jD-IOBoard have support for it already and so does MiniOSD.

    Mission Planner has been switched to Mav1.0 too. There are still 0.9 executables included on releases but for how long... Who knows.

    QGroundControl (original author of mavlink) already switched to mav1.0 some months ago.

  • I also have a Twitter @zaccom about this project and updates on progress. Since there is enought buzz I going to keep the updates rolling.

  • Its for android.. has lots of bugs (i tried an old version) and requires a bluetooth modem connected to an xbee. but has the right idea


  • Good news the Mavlink 1.0 seems to working send and receiving messages still working on other bugs but could be completed in couple of weeks sooner. Photo of test antenna


  • Android is the way to go, it has USB host capability for those sweet radios, and does not finance patent war to stop progress and competition. - And - CopterControl for Android works now  is a good start.

  • Apple MFI program. Yes, android is much more open source. However, this app is more of a mavlink system that will work with APM1 or 2 and be able to send messages through the xbee or 3d radio since it is a serial link. People are begging for a IOS app for telemetry and attitude indicator flight instruments like useing Mission Planner. This will not replace Mission Planner at all just a tool that can be used in the field. The cable I made only uses the volt, grd, tx, rx. I will have demo out soon. Apple has alot of rules for devices but there is many devices that use bluetooth and wifi that might be a better option. I am trying to keep this project as DIY and not a production for money.

  • Zachary, how are you connecting hardware to an un-jailbroken iPhone?  As far as I know there are only two practical ways to do that: License the tech through Apple's MFI program or plug into the headphone jack and encode your protocol in audio frequencies.  Android is definitely easier, you can get an IOIO board for $50.

    BTW I've got the beginnings of a gcs that can run on an iphone, but it needs to be networked to a netbook or something running server software. Screenshot attached.


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    Count me in for sure! 

    This is a great thing. 


  • I have an Android phone, rooted, and I would be totally interested in this!

  • Count me in as interested.  I'd love to leave my MacBook Pro running Parallels at home.  Put me in the non-jailbroken category.  Though I do have an old iPhone that's jailbroken....

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