X8 Motor Output, shoud it be balanced?

Just built a large/heavy X8 config running 3.3.3 - 12 pounds and 17.5" props. Tiger 80A ESC and KDE 360 kV motors.

On the initial flight test the X8 would yaw left without input and even at full yaw input would barely rotate to the right. The log files show a pretty large difference in mean output between the CCW motors (outputs 1,3,5,7) and the CW motors (outputs 2,4,6,8) (see attached). I can't find conclusive information on this, but logically it seems like this should not be occurring. I'd expect all 8 motors to have output levels about the same when at a steady hover, is this accurate?

 If so, what could be causing this? Obviously I've checked and rechecked the motor connections, spin direction and prop direction.

x8 motors.jpg

2016-03-22 11-06-24.bin

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  • @climr,

    I am in touch with FAA to let us study personal drone incidents exactly as profis do

    to let us study RPM for individual motor.

    I am developing professional tools based on Mission Planner, Mavlink protocol to support All RPM drone control to study leveling, balancing via Log files processed real-time.

    Since all ESC come with the same parameters and firmware uploaded and run

    controlled via Pixhawk and APM and MP, All RPM control let us to  study frame unbalancing if any.

    In All RPM study I need to disable all sensors, IMU, not to modify preset RPM of individual motor, since all motors get the same control signature via ESC.

    Calibration of ESC is exactly what prohibited All RPM airframe balancing, levelling, since unbalanced airframe got calibrated signatures to keep some motors to spin faster and some slower.

    Feeding every ESC with the same time-sync control signatures let us detect twisted arms, unbalanced airframe and much more, exactly as Profis from FAA study professional drones.

    To learn more, contact FAA directly.

    Open Technology Park

    Peer To Drone Crash Investigators


    • T3

      @Darius, why don't you start your own thread for this project, and stop telling people in crash threads that it is going to solve all their problems.  I'll believe it when I see it, but before then I don't think you should peddle it to these people.

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          I believe you are compromising the safety of every person who reads your ridiculous posts. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. It is you that makes posts with no relevance to the subject matter.

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