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climr replied to climr's discussion Flight instability when switching from guided to Alt hold
"Another flight followed this one and a few more details about the problem observed. When strong on the stick into the wind and then the stick is released, the copter gets tilted back well beyond level (by the strong wind) and then cannot recover and…"
May 5, 2016
climr posted a discussion
In a recent flight I had flown about 10 minutes in a combination of loiter and guided. While the aircraft was in the middle of a guided leg, I switch to alt hold.  The aircraft immediately started to oscillate and eventually crashed.I'm confused by…
May 5, 2016
climr replied to Chris O'Riley's discussion Arducopter compile issues
"does this mean we can't use the current release of Mission Planner with 3.4 dev?"
May 2, 2016
climr replied to climr's discussion X8 Motor Output, shoud it be balanced?
"What do you mean "if the balance was perfect"?  The balance of the system? In what axis?
The arms we are using are very stiff vertically (Z axis), but not very resistant to a twisting force. Is a torque moment created that could be twisting the arms…"
Mar 24, 2016
climr posted a discussion
Just built a large/heavy X8 config running 3.3.3 - 12 pounds and 17.5" props. Tiger 80A ESC and KDE 360 kV motors.On the initial flight test the X8 would yaw left without input and even at full yaw input would barely rotate to the right. The log…
Mar 23, 2016
climr posted a discussion
When in alt-hold or loiter, the craft is jumpy about the vertical axis. If switched to guided, the craft is rock solid. You can see this in the attached log analysis looking at one of the motor outputs, it has variability when in loiter and calms…
Nov 19, 2015
climr replied to DG's discussion Pixhawk internal compass interference: is it an issue or not? in ArduCopter User Group
"Power wires near the compass will definitely cause significant (as in crash or flyaway) interference with the compass either external or internal if you are using flight modes which depend on the compass. This is very easy to test and should be part…"
Oct 5, 2015
climr replied to climr's discussion Loiter drifting, please help diagnose in ArduCopter User Group
"As an update to this problem (because I hate to read posts like this where the answer isn't posted), relocating all power wires to get them more than 5 inches away from the external compass has resolved the issue."
Sep 14, 2015
climr replied to climr's discussion Loiter drifting, please help diagnose in ArduCopter User Group
"Looking at the logs more I see large changes in magx, magy and magz with throttle input so I suspect this is the source of the problem. Also the mission planner auto analysis tool gives this:
Test: Balance/Twist = GOOD - Test: Brownout = GOOD -…"
Sep 13, 2015
climr posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hi guys,I'm hoping someone with more experience could take a quick look at the .bin file attached and provide some input on what is causing this quad to drift quickly off when it is placed in loiter mode. This is running a modified version of 3.2.1…
Sep 13, 2015
climr posted a discussion
Hi everyone,I am looking to tightly integrate camera systems into my platforms. Looking for success stories or product recommendations.Requirements:Must take power from the platform (no separate batteries)Must be controllable from the platform (if…
Aug 23, 2015
climr replied to climr's discussion Possible to disable internal compass?
"No, but we are not running the latest firmware.
We added a preflight procedure to ensure that the compass readings are normal before flight. In our case, we activate our payload and watch the raw compass readings to ensure they are not affected.
Jun 30, 2015
climr posted a discussion
We have some onboard electronics which switch on/off during flight. We know when these systems are activated they cause MAJOR issues with magnetic interference with the onboard (Pixhawk) compass. It is enough to cause a flyaway/crash when in an…
Feb 20, 2015
climr posted a discussion
How are autonomous landings handled at altitudes above or below the home location?The wiki pages all seem to imply that landing takes place at the same location/height as takeoff, but what if that is not the case?  How does the code handle this…
Feb 6, 2015