Commercial use of drones in farms and other agriculture

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    And if I want the complete opposite of that, how can I phrase that in a way that you will understand? I feel like this topic has been approached delicately, but it might need a few more expletives. 

    You are not needed to find higher quality options. We know where they are, and that's not the market we're shopping at. 

  • I state only facts.MAPIR's products are toys. If you want to see truly today's technology, not last century's, contact me. I will open your eyes & mind.

  • Thank you Mario.
    We're looking forward for your post on MAPIR!

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    Your demeanor is very hard to tolerate, Vega.
  • it will be interesting comparing such rudimentary imaging systems from MAPIR with a much more accurate and advanced imaging system. Please post results when available.
  • To It will he interesting compare the results with far more advanced
  • Thanks Mario, please do!

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    Working on a blog post comparing the MAPIR to my barely functioning s100. I probably won't get a chance to do some aerial examples until tomorrow, but I should have raw (not .raw) images up in a blog within the next few hours. 

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    I still have a replacement s100 on the way because I have a time-sensitive project and don't want to be learning something new in the process, but I do have a MAPIR camera on the way as well. 

    I know that the s100 is more than adequate for what I have been working on and the results verified with ground truthing, but I am not a fan of the fragility. I'm pretty excited to see the results from the MAPIR compared side-by-side with what I have been getting already. I'll use any excuse I can to dump the s100, and it sounds like Peau productions is making some rapid progress in the upcoming models.  

    I think most of us would love to get our hands on some of the true multi spectral sensors, but there's something to be said for a product that can offer some results, at least. I'll write up a blog when I have a chance to test both cameras side by side.  

  • Have sold quite a free sensors, cameras, optics to universities over the years. Although not a prime market like military & medical, there are some interesting projects.
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Ground Station for Spraying Drone

We need a GSC for a small spraying drone base on Pixhawk. It should be capable of pausing the mission whenever the tank is empty, return to launch, and after refueling or changing the battery, return to the last waypoint that the mission was paused and continue the mission. The GCS should run on android and be swarm cable (at least in the future). Could this be done in Qgroundcontroll or should I consider doing it using DroneKit or FlytOS on a companion computer? Or is there any other…

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drone for spraying olive trees

by mistake i sent this to the group was a message...sorry about thatlooking to build a drone with a 5 lit tank for spraying olives trees due to the difficulty for a tractor to approachi have experience  building drones for the last 7 years but this is differentso  any links to guide me through are welcomethanks in advance 

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