APM2.5 diagram for Bixler2


Primarily going to use the RTH and Stability functionality of APM2.5 for FPV purposes in my new Bixler 2, but will eventually build a more suitable UAV airframe for ground mapping

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    Your diagram looks good. I have a similar setup. The only thing I might suggest is to run your UBEC and ESC in paralell instead of one through the discharge port and one through the balance port. I ran both 'servo' wires into a y-cable (red wire removed from the ESC) and then into the APM output side. I also had an Attopilot current and voltage sensor as well as an airspeed sensor, minimOSD, GPS and 3DR radio. That combined with my FPV gear and flaps makes it VERY hard to get everything packed in or on the airframe. Even with most of the gear attached to the outside it was almost impossible to get everything to fit inside. I just about doubled the AUW and it wasn't easy to change the battery between flights. It will fly fine even with all the additional weight but you will want to upgrade the motor/prop. Prop size is really the limiting factor here. I finally gave up and now I just fly the Bixler2 stock without all the gear, and I'm building a scratch FPV platform that will also fit all the APM gear comfortably as well.

    If you do get everything packed in there, please post some pictures so we can all see how you did it.



  • I think the power supply of servo and autopilot to do separate.  in diagrams your servos will be without power. leave the red wire to the ESC, and all will be fine

    in apm2  +5v not connect input and output rail

  • Hi Chris,

    You are doing almost exactly what I am currently starting on.  I have the Bixler2 running with some modifications like the Small Part CNC engine mount and the elevator and rudder servos mount in the tail.  Also I used 6 pin multiplex connectors to wire up the flap and aileron servos so there is only one plug for each wing.  I also have programmed up er9X to use the flaps and will be uploading my template to the er9x forums after I test fly the plane this week

    I am going to add a failsafe multiplexer to the APM inputs so I can completely disconnect the APM in the event of problems.  It is on the store at this link http://store.diydrones.com/product_p/br-0001-10.htm

    The APM 2.x had this feature removed which was a part of the the APM 1.x.  With this connected you can select on your transmitter, unmodified manual control in an emergency.  You wire it up with the default connection being RX output straight to the servos bypassing the APM. A switch on your TX then will select the input to connect to the output - either the APM Output or the Receiver.

    Good luck with your project.  I still have to buy the APM and multiplexer however this should be next months expenditure.

    APM Wiring.pdf

  • Chris,

    Damn! you beat me to it. I ordered my DIYDrones stuff yesterday and included the minimOSD.  I do like the idea of a UAV with a video feed - it sort of rounds everything off nicely. Dont forget the flask of coffee for when the Bixler2 is off doing waypoints and you are just watching the tele!!


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