Bad Power Module?

Hi all, 

I'm having and issue with a power module and Pixhawk.

I just can't calibrate the voltage sensor, I read the Lipo voltage with a multimeter, then input that value in Mission Planner but the values go crazy.

I tried "Other" and all the options in Battery Monitor but couldn`t get it to work. Does it happen to anyone?



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  • I have the same problem with new batches of power module.  You need to swap the current VA (current sensor wire) and Vbatt (Voltage sensor wire) pin wire around but do not disturb the 5V+ and Ground wires.   It should fix the problem.

  • Yes Mike,

    I did some more tests. I measured de voltage between ground and PIN 2 in the Power Module. It has to be a value that multiplied by 10.1 (or so) gives the Lipo Voltage. Well, it doesn't, it gives a very diferent value.

    -Voltage between GND and PIN2: 5.73v

    -Lipo Voltage: 11.27v

    -Multiplier: 11.27v / 1.11v = 1.96

    I did the same with another Power Module and the values are correct:

    -Voltage between GND and PIN2: 1.11v

    -Lipo Voltage: 11.27v

    -Multiplier: 11.27v / 1.11v = 10.15

    If I connect this PM to the Pixhawk and calibrate it, now it gives the right values.

    I think the first it's a bad Power Module, I will change it.


  • ddid you assign what fc your using?

  • Thanks Hein, I'll verify that.

  • 100KM
    I've had this a few times when the voltage and amp lines from the power module runs too close to the main power cables.
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