Current Draw while sitting idle

My APM 2.6 with 3DR Voltage/Current sensor tells me i am drawing 6 amps while sitting idle. I have a 600 mw FPV transmitter powered via the battery also. The ESC is powered

Is this normal. it seems like alot ?



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  • Maybe that small cable (6 pin?) is not connected, or is on wrong place or wrong config (Voltage/Current sensor or pin settings) .

  • 100KM

    you might need to calibrate your voltage sensor.

  • No its not normal. It should not be more than 0.8-1 amp if you are running 600 mw transmitter through your flight packs. You may need to calibrate your current sensor. You need a watt meter for it.

    Well i don't have a watt meter but what i usually do is to compare mah consumed vs mah put in to fully charge the batteries.

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