Suitable plane in Europe

Hi guys,

   I am about to make the leap to the world of UAVs - I've done many Arduino projects, but none that fly.


I'm based in Ireland, adn I'm wondering if anyone in Europe can recommend a good plane, with enough lift to take the APM, GPS, speed sensors, and on-board video cam?


I've never flown RC before, so durable would be good :-)


I see references to SkyWalker, and eFlite Taylorcraft, but I think they are hard to get in europe.




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    Hi Con,

    Go for Bormatec Maja if you would like a tested and very nice plataform



  • +1 for the Multiplex Twinstar II, very easy to find both in your LHS and online, cheap, and can take a battering! Great for carrying loads if you do a simple brushless upgrade.


  • Great, thank you all for the replies - and F11Music - I will do just that. I've found a guy who runs a model shop here in Dublin and he teaches newbies to fly. So, plane first, and tech gear next month.




    Anish - I'm based in Baggot St, if you drop me an email on we can arrange to meet up, it would be great to pick your brains.



  • I got my skywalker (second one) in brazil yesterday from this company. Both times it arrived fast and as expected. First one is still limping along because I'm a first time RC'r also :) It's a LOT more durable than I thought and has survived some nasty crashes. One suggestion is not to mount any unnecessary gear until you can safely fly and land :)


  • Easystar is available in most r/c shops and a really good choice for the beginner. Well documented and popular. If you want to lift even more, Multiplex Twinstar II is a fantastic plane. Great flyer and can lift heavy loads. A little more complex with two motors but both easy and fun to fly.

  • U based anywhere near Dublin
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