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  • Thanks for the advice Simon,

    Replaced the driver with the one that comes with the Mission Planner reinstall. (after manually uninstalling the old driver) I didn't let windows do it. All set to 8 bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity. Not sure what the handshaking should be so left it on default (Xon/Xoff)

    Still no improvement.


    Tried different cables and even different computers

  • It looks to me like a serial issue as many have said. My two suggestions would be to re-download the ftdi driver and install that (not juts allowing windows to re-detect and install the possibly corrupt driver), and also check the serial settings in device manager, ensuring it is setup correctly (no CTS, parity etc etc.)

    A dodge cable isn't top on my likely list because you are getting valid characters through, it's just that they are being interpreted incorrectly which sounds software related. Since you are getting some valid characters (words) it looks like APM is sending OK, so that's how I've narrowed it down to the COM port being the issue.

    That's my tuppence anyway! Good luck

  • I have tried another USB cable now, also uninstall Mission Planner & USB driver.

    Reinstalled, USB device re-detected and reinstalled . . . but same result.

    I guess it is time to get out the super magnifying glass and see if a particle has lodged between IC legs somewhere, could have picked up soomething during flight/landing I guess.

  • Developer

    Have you tried a different USB cable?

  • I have tried both my PC & my Laptop, same sad result.

    The only coincidence is that they had both just updated Mission Planner, maybe something has happened there. I might try to uninstall Mission Planner, delete the USB driver and then do a reinstall (fingers crossed).

  • Developer
    I have had a similar issue, tried a different PC and all was OK.
    Turned out it was a corrupt USB serial driver on the PC.
    Have you tried a different PC?
  • Hi Craig,

    Serial problem as in hardware related?

    Partial short, faulty chip, wrong voltage somewhere?

    I will take any pointers :-)

    thanks, Graham

  • Developer

    That is extremely indicative of a very common serial problem, not a firmware problem.  I'll bet you there is a 99.999% chance that it is a serial problem and not something else.

  • Hi Craig & HealthFB,

    Craig, I am just taking a guess that the problem maybe corruption, so just want to over write with good firmware again.

    HealthFB, only using one connection at a time, here is a sample of the output, the fact that I can read it says the baud rate is correct:

    Init ArduPlane V2.74b

    Free RAM: 2335
    load_þ  <Ãþüÿÿ
                          Press ENTER 3 times to start interactive setup

    þ3ýDemo Servos!=áþ      @þ/üÿÿ/üÿÿÿÿÿÀþ3ýWarming up ADC...CÌ#\\
                                                                   #[ ¤¦  !üàþ3ýDemo                                                 Servos! öþ     »³/üÿÿ/üÿÿÿÿÿóõþ3       ýDemo Servos!"þ
                                                              /üÿÿ/üÿÿÿÿÿ3  þ3
    ýBeginning INS calibration; do not move plane¾N
    ýInitialising APM...*Eþ 2"þ/üÿÿ/üÿÿÿÿÿ-¨þ      Þëþ/üÿÿ/üÿÿÿÿÿËFailed to boot MPU6000 5 times

  • Developer

    Graham are you wanting to update the firmware because you believe it is corrupted or because you want to update to a new version?

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