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Camera Mount Designs

Does anyone know of 3D print camera mount designs for the X8? Or other neat DIY camera mounts?

I was looking at this one for the IRIS. Does anyone have any thoughts on how difficult it would be to adapt it to the X8? Would it mainly be a matter of swi

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Landing gear for 3DR X8

So I am thinking of adding a "crab"-style landing gear to my 3dr x8 octoquad. This is mainly so I can add padding at the bottom for extra protection and for the ability to land/float on water in case of an emergency (and also for added clearance for

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go pro charging

3dr tech support said the go cam does not charge from the x8.....yes it does. I made the mistake of unplugging the usb cable from the go cam while powered up and now I can not get the video to feed to the 3dr light view vtx or get the go cam to feed

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Prop washers for 3DR X8+

Hi all,

Recently I was flying my X8+ copter and a couple of the propellers flew off. Aside from the issue of keeping the things wound on tightly (I am considering lock nuts) I need to replace a couple of the beveled black prop washers that I lost. The

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Initial Configuration Fail

First Post, so I'll try and be concise. Received X8+ RTF 6/22. Charged battery and flew manual for initial test. All well with only personal tuning notes since I'm experienced pilot.

Installed Mission Planner on Laptop and Surface Pro. Connected to Co

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