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  • Does anyone know of 3D print camera mount designs for the X8?

    I was looking at this one for the IRIS. Does anyone have any thoughts on how difficult it would be to adapt it to the X8? Would it mainly be a matter of switching the IRIS adapter plate for a X8 adapter plate?

  • Hi Doug. I'm still toying with the idea of transforming my assymetric X into an X8. Have you made any comparisons yet related to weight, flight times and battery capacity on your X8 compared to when it was an X4?

    By the way I saw your post about the 3DR radio. Have you thought of using a Bluetooth bridge instead? Much less cumberso me and you can sick the thing in your back pocket....


  • Each Quattro has a 5v Output which I ran to the power rail on the Pixhawk.  Since I have two Quattro's both are plugged into the rail providing power.  I have no PDB or separate UBEC's on my frame other than a 9v Step-Down voltage regulator (D24V6F9) from Pololu to run my Tarot 2D gimbal.  This regulator is soldiered directly off of the APM power module.

  • Doug,

      How did you handle the HobbyWing UBEC power to PIxhawk?

  • Doug, I'm very much looking forward to hearing what sort of flight times you will be getting with the X8 configuration, by comparison with the X4. I assume you will be using 4S batteries...?

    As for the MinimOSD, I wonder whether the original 3DR offering suffers from the same problems. The one I've got is a Goodluckbuy clone, so at a third of the price of the original I guess I can't complain. $50 is a bit rich with my pathetic currency.

    I find it odd that the thing displays fine at standstill (the whole board being powered by a UBEC at 5V), but as soon as I take off the overlay flickers intermittently. I'm going to try an RCTimer edition, and if that doesn't work I'll stick with the Skylark. Not as verstile, baybe but it has all the essentials.!

  • There's just nowhere to put the Quattro's aside from adding a plate, which is not in the plans. The good news is the slim tube ZTW Spyders will fit sideways in the frame, one on either side of the arm tube. It will be tedious, but should work. Then the power distribution will need to be worked out; may go the copper washer route since finding a small PDB with high enough current is proving difficult.

  • @David,  My Quattro's are not having any heating issues where I have them mounted.  I ensured the metal heat sink plate was facing out and away from anything that could create insulation mitigating heat buildup.  Funny part of this build is that I used Hot Glue to hold them in place and the ESC's haven't come loose since I attached them to the CF frame.  Real test will be this summer when I plan to fly my X8 as had as possible since swapping out my old 880kv motors for 600kv motors.  With summer heat and pushing ESC to max performance, I will certainly know how well they hold up to the glue and where they are placed.

  • I'm chatting up Bjoern on his post about MinimOSD issues as well.  Seems my two new purchases from RCTimer is showing the same issue I had with 3DR and HobbyKing's OSD modules.  They are temperamental and all these companies are developing the same boards based on chip sets.  So the problem is not getting better.  With that being said, I know there are folks out there doing their best to work their magic software work around to the problem.  Just wish someone would engineer a better board.

  • Nice rigs! @david when i purchased my first Y6 from 3DR I was worried about the cooling of esc's too. It seemed rediculous to sandwich the esc's in a tight spot, but I haven't had any issues in the last year. As for th3 minimosd, ove had nothing but problems too. I just recently, after a year solved the issue. The 5v side was only getting 4.6 volts from my APM. This was enough to break the overlay. I used a seperate BEC to feed the 5v (actual was 5.1) side of the minimosd.
  • Very interested Doug to see that you have mounted your Quatro Esc's under the frame. I've been rather pre-occupied with the notion of keeping Esc's within the propwash for cooling purposes. Hence mine are mounted on the arms. I'd really like to get some of the Xaircraft motor mounts in due course, to be able to get rid of them, and take the leads through the tubes. Dont want to spend any more money now!!


    Haven't got the other four motors on yet,having had OSD problems with the minim. Pain in the arse. Have gone back to Skylark Tiny OSD for the time being!

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Camera Mount Designs

Does anyone know of 3D print camera mount designs for the X8? Or other neat DIY camera mounts?I was looking at this one for the IRIS. Does anyone have any thoughts on how difficult it would be to adapt it to the X8? Would it mainly be a matter of switching the IRIS adapter plate for a X8 adapter plate?

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Landing gear for 3DR X8

So I am thinking of adding a "crab"-style landing gear to my 3dr x8 octoquad. This is mainly so I can add padding at the bottom for extra protection and for the ability to land/float on water in case of an emergency (and also for added clearance for gimbals, etc). Adding pool noodles or pipe insulation to the skids should do the trick. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I am looking at this frame from QuadFrame.us. It's meant for a DJI F450 but I think it will work with the X8.…

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go pro charging

3dr tech support said the go cam does not charge from the x8.....yes it does. I made the mistake of unplugging the usb cable from the go cam while powered up and now I can not get the video to feed to the 3dr light view vtx or get the go cam to feed video or charge thru the main usb cable to my computer. I have tried every reset in the co cam and now the red charging light does not come on. Is there too much voltage coming off the x8 thus frying the usb in the go cam? Check out the…

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Prop washers for 3DR X8+

Hi all,Recently I was flying my X8+ copter and a couple of the propellers flew off. Aside from the issue of keeping the things wound on tightly (I am considering lock nuts) I need to replace a couple of the beveled black prop washers that I lost. These things are proving very hard to find. Does anyone know where to find them without having to buy an entire motor prop adaptor to get them?You can go here to get an idea of what they look like (the prop washer is second from the top)Thanks

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