3dr Y6 flight time poll

Please list flight times here, 

Y6 DIY 2014

1 way 5.8 GHz


Sony super had 600 line FPV cam

Tarot gimble 

GoPro with battery

3dr telemetry 

6.5 minutes burn 3000mAH +/-200 

Seems really short but I hit the loaded voltage alarm of 13.3 loaded...not sure how anyone goes longer if they keep loaded voltage above this level...

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  • I think one more parameter you should add to your responses is the ASL you fly in. It makes a very big difference in flight time at sea level, vs 1500 m ASL.

    • Even more reliable is Density Altitude (what the wings and props and sometime combustion motors actually derive from the air).

      Results are sometimes surprising.

      Here is a handy dandy calculator.

      Cheers, The Boys in Ensenada

  • I get about 10-11 minutes

    -2013 DYI kit with props in the "B configuration"

    -APM 2.6

    -10 apc inch props

    -3DR telemetry


    -Gimbal with GoPro3 silver

    -nanotech 4s 6000 mAH

    -Fatshark 600 tvl camera (Im about the switch over to a SecCam2000) and the 250 mW transmitter

    • The area I live in is around (-)3 to 14 feet above mean sea level...at the most I fly to about 150 feet up.

  • I’m getting about 19 mins off of a 3s 6400 mAh i spent a lot of time cutting down on weight taking off the bullet connecters and other wire management. This is also running the stock props.


  • As per my other post I can get 13 mins for 4800mAh with a low load, don't have a gimbal yet so can't comment on that front. Voltage wise this takes me to about 14.5, according to the log.

    Did wonder whether there were further weight saving opportunities with the frame, trim out some of the excess material in the arms etc and lose a bit of the cabling.

    Anyway if I understand things correctly, we're trading flight time for redundancy somewhat and if you want to go longer bigger props are probably the way.

    • Running 11" which is the biggest I can fit with the standard arms... 

      Going to test a 8000Mah and see where it puts me...

  • I suggest you switch drones like I did. The Y6 is too heavy for long duration flight. I now fly the DJI phantom vision+ and get 20+ minutes of flight time carrying a great camera and gimbal. I have parked my Y6 in the attic.
    • Not sure if I would consider a Phantom a drone... The flight times are OK, however I want more than the Phantom offers...

    • I am curious what more you want that the DJI Phantom Vision+ does not have? The Vision+ has power, speed, a nifty gimbal and excellent video and still camera. It has First Person View with full camera control. It's flight times are excellent. It's battery system is convenient and safer. All the essential flight data is on-screen. Very soon it will handle waypoints and auto flight. Please tell me what I am missing. (I don't work for DJI). I dare say a Y6 that did all the above would be much more expensive, much heavier and with pathetic flight duration. I made my logical choice and parked the Y6 I built.
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