3dr Y6 flight time poll

Please list flight times here, 

Y6 DIY 2014

1 way 5.8 GHz


Sony super had 600 line FPV cam

Tarot gimble 

GoPro with battery

3dr telemetry 

6.5 minutes burn 3000mAH +/-200 

Seems really short but I hit the loaded voltage alarm of 13.3 loaded...not sure how anyone goes longer if they keep loaded voltage above this level...

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  • I have a Y6B, with Pixhawk AC3.2, 880 KV, Neewer 10 X 4.7 CF props, 3DR Telemetry, STorM32 controller and DYS 3 axis gimbal (I had to use a custom CF mount to the front of the copter), 4S 6,600 mAh battery, GoPro Hero3 camera, Sony flight camera, LED lights, video switcher, 5.8 GHz video transmitter and I2C sonar (on custom CF mount to one side).  No weight saving measures (everything is stock; I could probably loose more than a few ounces just by trimming wires!

    I get about 8 minutes of actual flying (not hovering).

  • I have been having problems with motors and escs running hot on my Y6B since the day I bought it from 3DR.  I have tried different props, moved the escs out on the boom shortening the motor wires, changed the ecs to 30a, tried several different batteries 4S 5200mah - 4s 10,000mah  Still my flight times have only been between 7-12 minutes.  Then just last week I purchased 6 of the new X8 motors, the SunnySky 2216 800kv with the 30A esc, 4s-10,000mah and GEFMAN 11x4.5 nylon carbon props.  I ran autotune on one battery and then did a hover test on another.  I was amazed!!!  22 minute hover test and the battery was just past nominal, the esc's and motors were all ambient!!!  Just thought I would share this, as I have seen alot of discussions over the years with people struggling with the same sort of issues.

    Also a big shout out to SOMA on RC Groups for his video and work to thrust test these motors!!

  • 3dr Y6b modified - surprising result, so have to post:

    250 mm Arms

    EMAX Mt 3506 650 KV Motors

    Kiss ESC 18/30A

    APC Electric 13x4,5 top, 14x7 bottom

    Multistar 10000 mAh 4s 10C Battery, FS at 13,2 V

    Pixhawk, M8N GPS, Telemetry

    Walkera Gimbal / Gopro-Clone 

    Pure Hoover 31:25 min !!

  • 13 minutes

    2013 3DR Y6B

    4S 6000mAh

    880kv motors

    10x4.7 carbon props on top

    11x4.7 carbon props on bottom

    APM 2.6

    Canon S100 (no gimbal)

    No weight-saving measures to frame or electronics (all stock)

    Flying at 4,820'

    • where did you get your carbon props from and what are the P/N's? Thanks.

    • I'm using the Neewer carbon props from Amazon.  Their offerings and P/Ns seem to change frequently, but current models are easy to enough to find.

      They've been working beautifully after doing some balancing.  The main benefit I've found is that they're far stiffer than the gray APC props, which makes the Y6 much crisper and more responsive in the air.  I'd think this also leads to some efficiency gains, but it's hard to quantify exactly how much.  Probably just a little.  

      The other benefit is huuuuge a durability gain.  I've whacked these things on asphalt, rocks, and dirt again and again and they're still going strong, whereas the APC props would have been long destroyed by now.  Just be sure to inspect them for cracks and rebalance when necessary!

    • I also run the Neewer CF props from Amazon.  I am also very happy with them.  And they ARE durable, although last time I had an encounter with asphalt, they did not fare off too well (I think the fact that I was doing about 30 mph may have contributed to their death; not sure, though!  Hehehe).  But they are good props, and balance right out of the box is not terrible (I still balance them, though).

    • Have a set of the newer 8" from amazon and run them on a h quad for stability for filming...

      I will order a bigger set and try them out, thanks for the update 

    • Interested as well, as I would like to go with a carbon top prop

  • OK starting Alt was 1 above sea level, 88 deg f, and avg height was 88 feet
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