Compass/GPS without mast?

Does anyone have any practical experience with the compass not using the mast?  Just having it sit on the top deck?  I keep breaking the mast and at $10/ea, it is not a practical part.  I'm going to do a compassmot test later tonight or tomorrow.

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  • Oh of course! Why didn't I think of that. ha ha.

    If nothing else, it is a few grams less weight and a tiny bit lower profile in the wind.
  • @ Damouav Sorry...I dont know why I typed should have been 6" to 24" (inches) 

  • Has anyone suggested not crashing? I found the number of mast I broke decreased dramatically when I started doing it...:-)

    • Well yes continuous improvement is the goal. It is the learning curve and occasional "testing" that brings on the heartburn. Maybe the answer is for legs that don't grab the ground for those now-not-so-frequent-imperfect-landings that cause the copter to tip over.

      I'd still like to know if 3DR had some hard data to justify the tall mast.

    • indeed. :-)

      Personally, it's the 12" gemfans I use that need binned. If I have a tip over - even one slow enough to allow my to chop the throttle - I am *guaranteed* to break two props. Every. Single. Frikkin. Time.

      Re: height of the mast - taller is better. 12 inches above the noise would be perfect, but obviously not practical. I suspect the current height is a compromise between cost, practicality and effectiveness.

    • Yes, even with 10" props if the grass is just a little high, anything but perfect vertical landings are a problem. 12" props? What motors are you using?

      I think a multi-jointed mast base would be nice, but would not be cost effective; maybe a project for the 3d printer. On the first repaired mast I glued the shaft 180 deg out of location so the mast folded down the wrong direction, however on the next flip over the mast didn't break but instead folded down forward.

      I have to qualify all this by saying my flying skills have greatly improved, so it's not as if flipping over is a normal occurrence. LOL

    • I use t-motor 2216-900kv's. They're not optimal for 12", but 12" is in scope on 3S, and frankly, this is my tester quad, built with old, redundant stuff.

      I welcome suggestions on what motors I should be running for 12" and 3S - the 2014 3DR quad is quite heavy. I run 11,000mah packs. Looking for flight time, not top speed.

      It's here:

      Some really simple but effective mods to 2014 quad

  • And the results are in!

    CompassMot with the mast: 4%
    CompassMot without mast: 8%

    Both results are negligible and actually great. My old quad was 24%! I redid the compass calibration as well. It flies just fine, and no more break-me mast.
  • I have had reasonable performance by putting the GPS inside a dome. The domes at offer an option for a small plastic insert that keep the GPS slightly higher than things around it and also protect it from occational flips.
  • Not on a Y6 but I have a mast on my Discovery.

    After a recent crash I had to shorten the mast by about 1" (is now roughly 4.5" from top plate to gps/compass) and in doing so my compassmot went from 8% to 23%. Nothing else has been changed and although she still flies fine I'm seriously considering increasing the mast height.

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