Just a noob question; how much vibration is acceptable?  Here is the chart from the last flight...  Is this OK?


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  • X & Y looks real good. 

    However I see some instability in all axis around roughly 3 minutes to 5 minutes.  I suspect that you were providing flight inputs for that period of time.

    Based on what you provided, it does appear that your vibration levels are adequate. I would recommend you record and review your copter in Loiter mode with little to no wind in order to get a truer reading.

    • Yeah, it probably was when I was moving the copter around a bit (min 3 to minute 5).  Not rapid movements, but movements none the less.

  • Was that a steady hover or were you flying around?

    Here's a good page for analyzing vibration levels:


    • iI was in hover, but it seems I am well within the acceptable range then...  

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