Just have my first crash with my Y6 RTF...do not know exactly what happens, I INITIALLY MAKE TWO SMALL FLIGHTS IN LOITER AND IN sTABIL, with no problem, the same for launching and returning back to the soil, then I load a small mission ,  using my PC, had the chance to review it read it and compare it was in the bird,  then did the launching and change to auto ...... it took off went strait to around 50 mts and just moved  south west  18.BINto the oppossite side in a spin large curve, I went to RTL with no exit...went into big trees and broke tarot 2, riped two motors plus 5 propellers and the GPS antena...before going to repair it and fly again just want to understand what was going on, what did I wrong...
I know these days GPS have been affected by the solar problems...but I am not sure..

I have the logs I am uploading for someone to help me

Thanks in advance

I own a Iris+ , supreme, never fail always work well... even after the crash I made a couple of flights with it and worked great.

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  • A mag interference of 80%, IMU mismatch of 1.39 and quite high vibration levels is only asking for trouble. It also looks like the GPS had spotty reception glitched.

    It doesn't appear the copter ever left AltHold, and there are portions of the flight with no commands received for DesPitch and DesRoll.

    Lots of problems.


    • Uff , that is too much.....how to know all that before initiating the mission, is that normal, what could have done different, vibrations.... In all the bird or in the motors..., I wish I could handle the logs as you do
    • cristian,

        I would start from scratch as if you were building it the first time, and go through each step of the build process including inspecting all the motors/esc's for proper function, wiring, radio distance check and such.

      Use the wiki as a guide and ask questions here.

      Oops, this is a RTF? How long have you owned it?

    • This Y6 was used whrn it got to my hands, had around 8 months of use but not abuse, I was able to use it a couple of times before in manual mode not in auto, even this day I use it in manual first with no problems, it was relativelly short, take of staying at 3 4 mts and moving from one side to other and then return to the soild, no problems an so ever...until I move about 500 mts to run this auto mission, did verified it was in the Hex, the map was showing and had the change of veryfing that too....

      thank you, it seems I will have to go over it from almost scratch to see everything was not affected with te crash...

      As I wll do that , is their any upgrade on software I could need to do...or hardware update...

      Thks again

    • Have you verified the failsafe settings?  Maybe you lost reception...  Although, that would probably show in the log, and it did not.

    • I think the main reason for the crash is that you didn´t send the command for the flight mode to the FC. It stayed in ALTHOLD and drifted with the wind/trim error.
      You can see it in the RCOUT-value ch5 in the log. You can check it in the rc-calibration of mission planner. Perhaps didn´t map the switch(es) on the RC?

      A second important thing are the erratic compass readings - perhaps you should check the orientation of your external gps/compass or do a compassmot.

      But even with all these proplems you should have been able to control the Y6 manually - according to the log it followed the roll/pitch commands of the rc. Did it show no reaction at all?

    • ...no respond, I even tried to set RTL with no result....it just continue the same way it was moving into the woods...

    • DG, how do you check vibrations and what is an acceptable value for them?  Is it the first chart?

  • Did you have a GPS lock?

    • I won't fly in auto, loiter, or any mode requiring gps with hdop over 2.0.

      What firmware version do you have loaded?
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