• Hey John

    I'm about done with my build after a on again off again build schedule. If you run into issues let me know.

    Stuff I've learned so far.

    1: Layout the electronics, wiring etc before hand and get a sense of how it all plugs together. A labeler helps a lot.

    2: Use a loctite where you think you need it.

    3: The smaller GPS, Compass, and 6 position PM cables are really easy to break. Buy extras and try to minimized the amount of insertions. 

    4: Check, Double Check, then get someone else to review that you put things in the proper place.

    5: Wiring is a nightmare. (I'm pretty sure the production photo's aren't actually flyable!?)

    • Hey Jesse,

      I completed my y6 and am having trouble getting it in the air. All the escs are calibrated and the motors spin at the same time when armed. I have Mission Planner set the frame configuration to the newer y6b. The top motors spin CW with the 10 inch pusher props and the bottom motors with the 11 inch normal props spinning CCW. I'm using a new Spektrum Dx7S with the AR8000 receiver. When I try to take off the left arm lifts up first and makes it want to tip over. Any tips? Did you get yours flying?

    • Thanks for the tips. I should be receiving my kit today. 

  • Hope you enjoy it, I just purchased mine about 3 weeks ago. I was surprised how fast you can put this thing together. The hardest parts (at least for me) was where to put all the wires (great help from the Y6 Owners discussions) and learning Mission Planner and all its features. 

  • Congrats! sing out if you need some help - lots of good people on this forum

    • Thank you. I will definitely do that. I should be getting the kit this Tuesday and can hardly wait!

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