DJI Opto 30A ESC - Lazy ESC

I have a bit of a problem with my DJI OPTO 30A ESC with the APM 2.6 Arducopter 3.1.1. It seems that the upper right ESC is Lazy and doesnt spin up as quickly as my other ESCs on this quad. As Most Googling will show, you cant Calibrate DJI OPTO 30A ESCs

Is this typical with DJI OPTO 30A Quads with Arducopter/APM 2.6?

i am getting to a point i am gonna re-flash them i think or out right get new ones by XAircraft, since they perform quite nicely on my other quads. 

That aside any other suggestions?

thanks in advance

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  • Had the same issues with dji 30a optos not starting all together etc..once spooled up everything ok....still didn't like that and I flashed them with the blheli. Now I can calibrate, set them up with various settings and the copter flies better.
  • I have now Officially Given up on these DJI OPTO 30A ESCs and purchased XAircraft 30A ESCs. durign flight today i noticed it would Yaw to the left (Away from the lazy ESC) ever slow slightly, i also noticed that not only was the right arm not spinning fast or on par with the other motors, it seemed like the upper Left Motor also suffered from slow revolutions. so i will now replace these DJI 30A OPTOs for something that does calibrate with APM 2.6 thanks for everyones help!

  • Out of Curiosity, is there some setting in mission planner that would adjust power or PWM signal to the Lazy ESC? like a Manual ESC Calibration Value i could type in? i have a turnigy 9xr transmitter

    • Yes if the copter hovers but the motors do not start up evenly - that's not a lazy motor its a motor that needs more throttle to start.  Look for minimum throttle  and set up to 15% or higher.  Go to Mission Planner - Configuration - Full Parameter list  - do a find - Thr_min and set it to 150 (15%) for starters or higher.


    • Sadly that didnt help much. still low revolutions on the upper right motor :/

    • thanks jim i will give thatv a try and see if it corrects the Lazy ESC. i wish there was a way to tell the APM that teh  ESCs are calibrated tho, oh well :P

  • @Thor

    Do you notice any performance issues with that motor while flying, or only on startup? If one motor is spinning(changing speeds) slower than the others you would definitely notice it. (wouldn't hover)

    I've been using OPTOs for quite some time without any problems. At very low throttle there is almost always one motor that starts late. As Jim mentioned, the arm that is higher relative to the others. Normal behavior.

    I don't think the OPTOs can be calibrated.

    • Hi Mike

      yes thats exactly what happens on my one arm. it starts late but i can hover and fly around pretty good. take off is always a little rocky. Also in Alt hold & Loiter i can hear one motor surging on and off. in manual mode the quad flies fine, also in drift. i want to throw it into Circle mode but i dont know if it wont crash. i guess i am replacing these. 

      I have two other quads, both XAircraft, i am thinking i am gonna get their ESCs, those perform Outstanding right out of the box.

  • Hi
    I have one Tarot Hex with Pixhawk using the same ESC's you are using.
    They work fine
    But On all my larger vehicles , I use 40 AMP Simon K
    They seem to respond better but no issues with the Tarot 680. Have about 75 flights on the ESC's
  • Have you tried to throttle range calibrate one at a time.  It works either way just fine.  Also be sure that the lazy ESC is not the one that is higher relative to the others as it may spin up real fast if forced lower.  I've been fooled by this in the past thinking there was a problem when there was not especially when the acc calibration was not done well or the ship is out of trim. 

    Is anyone familiar with flashing the SiLabs micro on the Turnigy AE20-E ESCs? Is it beneficial?  Is there a simple set of tools to do this? Where do I go to learn how to do it?   

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