HexaCopter Electronics Help Required

I am designing a HexaCopter with 1000mm Motor to Motor length.
My aluminium frame is almost ready, my required / proposed flight time is 30 minutes and payload is 2 ~ 2.5 Kg.
What electronics should i use??
LiPo BLDC ESC Autopilot Propllers Etc ..

Any help in this regard will be appreciated. 

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  • Saba,

    I have built a unit with aircraft 6061 wing spar square tube for arms. It's a quad right now, has been a hex. I used 3.18mm carbon fiber for the center plates, sample pieces from ProTech Composites, cheap.

    Check out Monto RC. I've talked to this guy on the phone, and he designs motors, Avroto, and some of those designs are being used by RC Tiger Motor. I went through Cobras, Scorpions, and after many months and returns and BS, I found Tiger Motor. They make very large size motors, and they are all made in matching batches, so no worries about mis-matched KV's due to different production run variances. Very high quality stuff.

    ESCs: Don't go cheap!!! Cheap esc's fail constantly, I have a box of them.

    I'm running Castle Phoenix Ice 50's. $100. Maytech Electronics now makes a 50 amp unit specifically designed for multi-rotor. They are pricey. $120.00 ouch.

    You should not expect 30 mins of flight time. My 2P- 14.4 Thunder Power 4400x2 is 8800mah, only gives me six minutes, but you can shot a lot in six minutes. I have gotten 12 mins. from a Maxamps 13500 mah, oh the pain...$400.

    My all up weight with a cradle and GoPro is over 6 lbs. I can lift another kilo, but that shortens flight time more, but with this set-up, everything runs very cool.

    840mm diameter

    T-Motor 2820-6 860kv

    12 by 4.5 props

    Castle Ice 50's

    APM 2.5

    Castle Voltage regulators for APM and cam power, (separate units).

    Everything else I made.

    Here it is with 11" tri-blades, (don't use these, makes everything over heat, poor efficiency, but they do look cool!).

    Hope that helps, don't give up, I intend to fly FLIR cameras, eventually, heart attack.....$3800 for their small one.


  • Hi-

    And good luck with your ambitious project. You should search for similar projects and see what they have used. I agree though that you should start with a smaller project when you have no xperience.
    The bigger the copter the more expensive are crashes- and you will crash ;-)
    Furter more- a copter of that size is essentially a flying lawn mower- so you'd better know what your doing....

    Happy new year and happy landings!
  • No way you can design ALUMINIUM frame light enough to lift 2-2,5 kg payload!

  • I would shoot for a more practical flight time at about 17-20 minutes 

  • What is the weight of your frame? The amount of Lipo weight to keep that size multirotor in the air for 30minutes will use up every bit of your 2 kg
    Also , the questions you are asking might lead some to believe that you are new to this hobby. I respectfully suggest something smaller to start. Good luck
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