• Minim OSD is not crap at all, I rather like it.

    My OSD started doing the same thing intermittently losing the HUD in flight. A little investigating showed that I had Screen Page 2 blank and for some reason it was intermittently switching to Screen Page 2 in flight. So, I simply configured Screen Page 2 exactly like Screen Page 1. Will try to figure out why the intermittent page switch later on.

    • ....egg on face!

      Ok, found the root problem .....I stupidly did not notice in the Config Panel that Page Switching was not disabled.

  • that's some good information to know.  then I'm thinking a "state dependent" problem.  If you're running the motors in your shop, does it still disappear?  What other details do you have?

    • Unfortunately no more details. After thinking about the problem, it may be an over heating source. A new regulator failure?

    • Could be the regulator.  Check the output when the OSD disappears and see if it's up to snuff.

  • Not really knowing all of the details of this situation, seems to me it looks like a heating problem somewhere because it doesn't happen immediately.  You could try spraying the board with a component cooling/troubleshooting spray and see if the data comes back up. Failing access to cooling spray, you could try a dust spray.  Bad connections tend to be more random than this seems to be, but I suppose it could be this as well.  Also, coming from a place of definitely not being an expert, another possibility is some kind of stack error in the program.  Or, possibly A variable isn't being cleared properly, but this is unlikely since they are all programmed the same code.  Any program base issues that could cause this?  Developers, chime in, please.  

    • In my opinion it's not a heating problem as it stays displayed at my home workshop and when it flies, it is in the air flow.

  • It's possible it's changing to Screen page 2, and that screen has nothing programmed to be displayed. Make sure the option to swap screen pages is disabled till you know what's going on.

    Or the unit is resetting. 

    Or you didn't set the APM Telemetry output like the OSD guide says.

    Or the data line from the Telem TX pin to OSD RX pin is dodgy.

    Hope that helps.

    PS. It's not crap, but you could have a dud.

    • Thanks Martin

      - screen 2 is programmed

      - no swap screen selected

      - APM telemetry is enable

      - both wires Y cable for using with telemetry or direct from the APM to the OSD are OK

      When I plug in the battery, I see the OSD data, after a while, I only have the video without any information.

      At the beginning of the flight the data are displayed. It's disturbing....

  • Having spent a couple of frustrating weeks with the MinimumOSD I know the answer.......... It's a pile of crap!

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