Query about APM2.6

In APM 2.6 mission planner is used to give way points, what i understand from it is that there is a GUI by which you give way points and then copter reaches at those points autonomously. what i don't understand is that how these waypoints which you give (from your PC) are transferred to copter when it is flying? 

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  • They can be transferred by wireless telemetry data radio and the specific auto flight mode can be triggered to initiate the mission, or you can preload them prior to each flight

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    The waypoints can be preprogrammed into the APM by the MP prior to the mission or can be altered by the MP during the mission using the telemetry radio.


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    You can upload missions while on the ground via the USB cable. You can also update mission scripts by using the telemetry modules while flying. 3DR offers some telemetry modules, but this is by no means the only radios in use. Besides these, people have also used various forms of the RDF900, various forms of the Xbee Pro (this used to be the standard, and was largely replaced with the 3DR radios, and various forms of cell phone boards. As this is a DIY community, people have hacked in telemetry using bluetooth, wifi, packet radio, injected data into video transmitters (one-way), on telemetry-supporting receiver gear, on wimax, and cell phone boards. But the normal plug-and-play method is the 3DR radio telemetry set.

    Over these radios, the Mavlink protocol is used, so besides updating missions, you are receiving streaming data about many aspects of your robot, attitude, acceleration, magnetometer and other sensor data, current operating mode, RC inputs, target attitude, throttle level(s) and power usage and a lot more. You can also send instructions (RC override, mode changes, etc) besides uploading missions. Hope this helps. 

  • If you want to send missions to the Copter from your PC while flying you will need a radio module.

    One for your PC and one for your copter.

    Otherwise you setup the mission on your pc and send it to the APM via a USB cable while on the ground (just as you did for setting up the copter)

    Not sure what the others think but I would be very wary of sending new missions while the copter is in flight, not unless you a very confident you can get away with it.

    Sending commands to go to a point, stop and start mission, and a host of others is available in the Mission Planner.

    But I have not come across sending a whole new mission while the copter is in flight though.

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