Hi All,

I'm on a new adventure to research a possible Brushless Gimbal stabilized platform and controller for my 3D Robotic Hexa-C copter.  There seems to be a lot to absorb with respect to the best bang for your buck.

I did find a outfit in Europe that sells kits but I'm not big on $499 US for it.

Here is what I'm thinking. 

YUN-I Brushless Gimbal Controller ($180)


Gopro 3 Brushless Camera Mount Gimbal w/ Motors & Controller for Gopro3 Aerial  ($158)


Question I have is will the YUN-I controller work the Gimbal platform?

Do I need a controller?

What else would I need to make this work?

Is there anything else better for the price?



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  • RCTimer still seems to be cheapest option. I tried to create the "missing manual":


  • If the yun-i 3 axis is open source?

    you probably will see a much faster develpment in an open sorce project than a closed one

    as there will be more people involved in its testing and develpment stages

  • T3
    RC Timer makes a brushless gimbal. But just like Charles pointed out its DIY and its a bit of work and tuning.

  • the second link includes the controller however a less user friendly and less pnp controller, still in its development stage

    any controller should work with any mount ,pending you can mount it well enough

    Now that 3 axis brushless controllers are out, the 2 axis development could start to lessen, as developers make the change over.

    Keep in mind very few, if any brushless controllers are pnp and do require large amounts of user adjustments and balancing


    At this stage in the development of them the end users are the developers, you will see what I mean once you start

    If I can provide any advice it would be to wait until they advance more

    or buy a setup that comes with a pre balanced, Marked well, gopro camera location and the adjustments have been set for that in mind

  • Checkout the Arris CM2000. Designed for the Phantom but made to adapt to most multirotors.

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