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  • So the output file is:

    C:\Users\Wayne\AppData\Local\Temp\build7487716384992828737.tmp\ArduCopter.cpp.elf C:\Users\Wayne\AppData\Local\Temp\build7487716384992828737.tmp\ArduCopter.cpp.hex

    I have done other Ardunio projects but the output was in the target directory.

  • I am getting these warnings:

    Log.pde: In function 'int8_t dump_log(uint8_t, const Menu::arg*)':
    Log.pde:80: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
    Log.pde:80: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
    ArduCopter.pde: At global scope:
    ArduCopter.pde:189: warning: 'int16_t get_heli_rate_roll(int32_t)' declared 'static' but never defined
    ArduCopter.pde:191: warning: 'int16_t get_heli_rate_pitch(int32_t)' declared 'static' but never defined
    ArduCopter.pde:193: warning: 'int16_t get_heli_rate_yaw(int32_t)' declared 'static' but never defined
    GCS_Mavlink.pde:275: warning: 'void send_simstate(mavlink_channel_t)' defined but not used
    Log.pde:573: warning: 'void Log_Write_Data(uint8_t, uint16_t)' defined but not used
    Log.pde:630: warning: 'void Log_Write_Data(uint8_t, float)' defined but not used
    ArduCopter.pde:316: warning: 'void Log_Write_DMP()' declared 'static' but never defined
    ArduCopter.pde:298: warning: 'void Log_Write_IMU()' declared 'static' but never defined
    ArduCopter.pde:299: warning: 'void Log_Write_GPS()' declared 'static' but never defined
    ArduCopter.pde:483: warning: 'void report_heli()' declared 'static' but never defined
    ArduCopter.pde:484: warning: 'void report_gyro()' declared 'static' but never defined
    ArduCopter.pde:497: warning: 'RC_Channel* heli_get_servo(int16_t)' declared 'static' but never defined
    ArduCopter.pde:498: warning: 'int16_t read_num_from_serial()' declared 'static' but never defined

  • You hit the check mark in arduino and it does a verify by compiling it in a temp folder. That's the hex you want to install in Mission Planner. I get warnings when I compile 2.91b for a quad frame - seems related to heli code that is compiled out.
  • Dont run the makefile. Load the Arducopter.pde and compile it

  • I just tried again but the same results. The mega2560 is selected already.

  • I didn't run the makefile, I loaded up the Arducopter.pde sketch in Arduino, selected the mega2560 under Tools, and it compiled perfectly (slowly).

    Still building on mine so the software hasn't been loaded.

    Good luck, Bo

  • Yes, I downloaded the modified Arduino tools. I downloaded the source from the GIT. I ran the makefile. I set the file path and board type.

    There are still a lot of warnings and I the only HEX file I can find is in the temp folder.

    I am looking for a form thread or something to help sort it out. 

  • Normally, you should not have any warning with the Arducopter code. Do you use the modified Arduino version for ArduCopter? In the first comment lines, there is a link to download the modifed Arduino version.

  • I am trying to compile the source and need some assistance. Anyone know where I can find some assistance? I can compile but there are a lot of warnings and I am not sure about the output file.



  • Can APM 2.5 fly a standart hexacopter with one engine failure? I mean, if it has enough power?

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