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  • 3D Robotics
    HI Alan. Thanks for the offer. It looks like you're based in San Diego, which is where the 3D Robotics team is. Would you like to come by and meet the team?
  • It's good to see Arducopter user group.

    and I hope I can get a answer here for my quest, that was not responded on my previous discussions that was posted in technical support section.

    pleae help!

    For my Tilt Rotor Quad Project.

    I am looking for ways to add I2c sensor board SEN-10321 to APM & Oilpan for my project. Oilpan already have Accelerometer and Gyros built into board, and my project need to mount them in seperate location (under the motor support in my project picture), since this board have same sensors  as Oilpan and also include same Magnetometer. I thought this was my best candidate for my project and also, I don't need seperate Magnetometer anymore.

    Sen-10321 needs 3.3 volt, and Oilpans's I2c has 5v. Do I need logic level shifter and I2c splitter for this connection? and what and how do I need to change code to do this?

    If I can use both sensors (SEN-10321 and Oilpan's built-in without disable them), and somehow address them in the code will be wonderful. If that is not possible I will just need to use remote sensor board.

    I am not good at programming, so detailed instruction will be woderful.

  • 3D Robotics
    Took my quad for its first test run today and......It Flies! . Thanks Chris and the arducopter team. Best graduating present ever!! Made my day, all the hard work finally paid off. Any room for a mechanical engineer at DIY Drones?
  • Hey everyone nice to see this groups is growing.  Go ahead and click the " + Invite more "  Like I did.   :O) 
  • I have happily been flying my AC2 for a while now, and its currently in pieces, as I am converting it to a Hexa. hope all goes well, will probably post a review and some pics here soon...


  • Thank you for the invite to this group. I am still working on my first Quad Drone. I have built models and flown RC for years. I would like to share a link to John Searl and think many of you will find him fascinating. The video about him is amazing.http://www.searlsolution.com/index.html

    The Searl Solution
    Prof. John R.R. Searl - Inventor of the Searl Effect Generator - A clean alternative energy solution to the World's energy crisis.
  • Many thanks for the invitation to this group.  Of course any member who is in the UK is enthusiastically invited to our South of England 'Drone Zone' event which is happening on the 12th June.  This is an informal get together of drone enthusiasts and we are encouraging anyone who has a drone to bring it along.  The good news is that the event is FREE!  Hope to see you!  Details are on the UK UAV fliers forum...https://groups.google.com/group/uavukflyers


    If you'd like to know more, please email martin@buildyourowndrone.co.uk

    Cheers, Nigel

  • Admin

    Hi all,

    I have three quads of varying sizes and would really like to get them flying. However the weather here in North TX has not been very cooperative. The wind has been blowing from around 10 - 15 mph since the middle of last week. Gusts have reached 25 mph. Definitely not good flying weather and it is expected to continue for the rest of the week. However, I have learned quite a bit about what not to do concerning getting my quads in the air by learning from the experiences of members on this Forum.



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Drone flying to non visible point

Hi there,I encountered a problem, while flying in auto mode, with approching to point that was not set by trajectory and is not visible after downloading mission from flight controller by Mission Planner. Does anybody encountered similar problem. The situation is that in the middle flight I stopped the UAV and uploaded new mission and after changing to auto mode it starts to fly in some direction. It goes straight to some point, so I assume it's not mechanical problem. I attached the link to…

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Hi,Im working on a autonomous drones and im using JETSON NANO and flight controller PIXHAWK .Im able to control my drone by giving rc commands on the MAVLINK terminal itself by connecting it with PIXHAWK but now i want a python code from which i can do some operations like:takeoff,left ,right,forward,backward…and i am not using GPS…Can anyone please help me…

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HELP quadcopter: one motor twitching and stuttering

Hello guys,I have a problem with one motor, do not spin and making a sound (videos in attachment), I changed the motor to another ESC and is work, so I checked the connections on ESC and all connections looking great. any ideas or something I can do, iam trying to build YMFC32 Brokking .thank youhttps://youtu.be/LagBqwGbixkhttps://youtu.be/PU20nCxApcs

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Will AHRS_ORIENTATION=8 for Arducopter 3.2.1 on APM 2.5 using a traditional Heli

I have been Reading Chris Olsen posts and watching his videos on Arducopter with traditional Helis using a Pixhawk.I have inherited an older Trex 450 heli with the old Align 3G FBL hardware.  The FBL controller appears to be bad.  So I have an old APM 2.5 without a compass or GPS on board.  I just want to replace the failed Align 3G FBL system with the APM.Now I have to mount the APM under the skids on the heli so the APM will be upside down.I have Two questions.1)  Is the AHRS_ORIENTATION=8…

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