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    I would be interested in hearing your ideas.  Here are are a couple of ideas I have seen used in the past on production avionics to expand the limited number of discretes  on old equipment just with software changes.First - have you read on the IMU page menu how to  use a three way switch?  The 2.7 S/W load accepts a tri-level PWM input on the A/P mode/pin and routes it to one of 8 mode cases , depending on which 3 modes have been defined in the header.  . 

    Speaking generally, it is necessary to transmit a four bit word (byte) to select one of the 8 defined cases. If you have uplink tm it should be possible to send a byte up and read it into the processor via the 12C bus or even by four spare input pins.

    One could design a flight software 8 position rotary stepper switch and toggle the control switch on the Tx to step it to the correct mode, and the 3rd position to activate the mode. 

    Another way would be to use four switches to set four discretes which would be hacked into the gear switch PMW channel  modulator in the TX and sent up to the flight S/W via the Rx.  The case logic selector would have to be modified to decode eight levels of PMW instead of three.  Again what are your ideas?

    BTW my A/P mode function is working with MANUAL and Stabilize, All the Euler angles are moving properly in the IMU test configuration, but they are not getting to the S/W in the full up configuration. , ie the control surfaces don't respond when the A/C is rotated by hand. Does this correspond to anything in your experience?  Good Luck with your rmultimode switch quest.



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