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  • @Brian, Whom you are asking? For me OK.

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    Would you mind if I post a link to your version of ArduPilot and a brief overview here? I will re-post it into the links area.  Do you have any preferred overview statements you'd like included?

  • @Mike, Thanks for your detailed reply and comments.

    I am using Config Tools v1.4.12 and I think it is the latest one. By re-writing the WPs with the 100 meter Alt (to hold) the issue of those big strange numbers has gone. I am not using the "Over Terrain" option because it gives the home altitude around (minus) -55,000 which is obviously something wrong.

    Please have a look at the serial monitor image here. It seems OK to me.


    Kindly let me know if there is any thing looks wrong in it.

    I have removed the small wire at the bottom of the board because it causes the throttle serve dead in MANUAL.

    All servos dead issue is related to SIRF mode only. Otherwise in NMEA it seems working as:

    - The GPS gets lock and solid.

    - There is manual control over all servos in MANUAL.

    - Control switch is switching in and out properly with proper LED response.

    - Manual control over alieron and elevator servos in STABILIZE (but no control over throttel servo?) 

    But when I switch to AUTO then after a while the aileron servo starts pushing continuously to one side and back, indicating that it has switched to RTL.

    However, I have got much closer now to success with your code.

  • Hi Anwar,

    Only got 2 mins,

    You need both those wires....No throttle with out it.

    Which version of the WP writer are you using?

    your home alt is wrong...

    if you know that you are 500m above ASL, then your WP ALT should be set to 600

    there is summt a little weird about teh way this works, but for me...

    Workshops are at 30m, flyign field is at 45m

    I set my (stupidly as i have it set to feet)  300(foot) Alt fro WP's

    GCS shows ALT hold (blue) 130m Aircraft will fly between 120 and 140, Actual alt(white needle) will vary as teh model climbs/falls

    so, i suggest you set WP at 600, but you must make sure that yoru ALt is stable before you try anything.

    THEN...reset the mainboard, it should lock your Home alt/position.

    I did fly again today with the same code(playing with GPS configurations)

    What i can tell you though, is that once the GPS is stable all works as it should.

    as far as dead clearly have a 5v issue not feeding them, also when it starts it will activate the servos and twitch to let you know its ready.

    Sounds to me as though there is more going on here than there should be...

    Start at teh begininning again.

    Make sure you have manual control over your servos.

    Make sure that CTRL channel is switching in and out of modes.
    (watch the yellow and red leds on teh main board comeo on and off)

    Make sure the GPS is locked and solid.

    then switch into AUTO will move the servos to thier 'going to' position

    BUT......the GPS MUST have a lock, or you will get all sorts of screwey results.

    Are you using an IMU?

    Anyway go to run

    Kind regards


  • Comment by Anwar Ali Khan1 second ago           Delete Comment

    @Mike, your code 2.6.5. performs much better than 2.7 on my setup in NMEA (many thanks). Gets lock in SIRF also but then all servos remain dead. One problem I am facing in NMEA is that it gets to RTL evan before reaching to the 1st GPS point with AUTO during in-car test. It is probably because it sets 100 meter above home for each GPS point by default which cannot be reduced to 0.

    As therre is no manual available for this code would you please tell me do I need to have both these wires at bottom of the board? I have removed the smaller one because it was causing problem:


    I am also attaching two images from the serial monitor one with the NMEA and another with SIRF mode. First line with the NMEA one shows some not readable characters. Do I need to worry about that? What these numbers 48700, 97400 and 48800 are about? My home elevation above sea level is about 500 meters.



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    Mike, I am Green with envy!
  • Mike nice work. I love such workshops. Mine is much more disordered because of small space.

    Which glue do you use to join these parts?

  • no probs....good luck.

    Also got some of the X-10 done today...

    (and my guys thought it funny to mock it up at different things...)3692470553?profile=original3692470410?profile=original3692470466?profile=original3692470577?profile=originalThen we have the X-10 Tadpole

    3692470591?profile=originalAnd the X-10 X-wing....they do think they are funny lol

    3692470483?profile=originalLastly i must apologise fro the mess, we have ben in the middle of a very important job, adn nothing been tidied up (which changes today!!! grrrrr)



  • @Mike, received the code, thanks. I will try it at the weekend.

  • OK, i remembered!

    It will fly most normal configuration aircraft, btu you MUST check yoru servo directions.

    Let me know your thoughts.


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