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Before Posting an Issue

Hi All,

Before posting an issue or a problem in the ArduRover Discussion Forum, please check the wiki table of contents, review the firmware release notes in the subforum, and search that subforum for existing answers to your question. Help avoid duplicate threads by finding other members with the same issue and their solution.

When formulating your post, use a descriptive title such as "rover will not navigate to waypoints in the Auto mode" (not "HELP!" or "Problem").

Please include the following information to help diagnose your query:

  • Describe the problem you are having. What is the expected verses the observed behavior?
  • Provide hardware information such as the brand and version of your autopilot, GPS, radio, and compass, as well as any other pertinent details about your rover setup.
  • What version of the APM: ArdurRover2 firmware version are you running?
  • For navigation issues, provide your tlog and/or dataflash log. Click here for instructions on retrieving a dataflash log.


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  • Hi Thomas, thanks - yeah, I was just there....not before though. I'll work through it. I'm out at the field tomorrow morning. Will continue tuning then.

    NAVL1_Period was kept at default. Turning radius down to 1m and I found the throttle slew - thank goodness for this. I'll take up the NAVL1_Period as a first attempt tomorrow.

    Would you suggest moving the skid steer control to the APM and disable the mixing on the Wild Thumper controller. I suppose this way the skid steer behaviour can be better understood if mixed in one place.

    Thanks again.


  • Admin


    My parameter settings will only work for a NC that is using the built-in skid steering function.

    What value do you have NAVL1_PERIOD set to. Low values like 5 - 6 will cause weaving. Try 7 and up.

    Have you read this Wiki section about tuning: Tuning


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • 3701673431?profile=original3701673656?profile=originalHi Thomas, thanks for the prompt reply.

    My APM is not in skid steer mode. The speed controller board I'm using is the Wild Thumper controller. The Wild Thumper controller does the mixing.

    "Have you calibrated the ESC to the transmitter throttle?" - In Manual mode she runs fine. It is only during coarse corrections in auto mode when the oscillations start - not sure what you mean by this.

    This is the reason I'm asking for an APM setup and settings.

    Some pics of my rover:....added to the top.

    APM2 - on-board gps bypassed - external ublox 6P added.



  • Admin


    Are you using the APM in the skid steering mode or in the steering/throttle mode with a mixing ESC like the Sabertooth 2X12?

    Have you calibrated the ESC to the transmitter throttle?

    I have a parameter file for a Pixhawk controlled 6X6 Thumper that used the skid steering mode.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Hi Guys, would anyone care to share the APM setup and settings of their Wild Thumper 6x6. I have wild weaving to the point that it oscillates 60 to 90 degrees past the nav direction. The oscilations become smaller and smaller as it tracks direction - any help welcome. 



  • wow lucky #300 and new to this i should ask where i should post my question?  i have a project in mind involving my tractor and my farming operation. what i want to do is use gps to steer the tractor for me so i can focus on other tasks while doing tillage and planting.  it will only have to drive in a straight line i will make the turns and line up for the next pass.  my thoughts were have a pixhawk and piksi along with a stepper motor assm to manually turn the steering wheel.  what is everyone response or concerns to this idea?  

    thanks and keep up the the good work

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    With the addition of Andy Dombeck to our growing membership base, we have now hit the 300 member mark.

    I would like to thank all of you who have made the ArduRover User Group an interesting and informative Group.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • FYI, PX4 dataflash logging seems to have stopped working at release 2.45. It's now fixed in the latest development build, so I'm assuming will roll out with the next release. Just a heads-up in case you need flash logging.  IIRC, 2.44 had it working.

  • PX4 "finally" working nicely with Traxxas Brushless Stampede.

    After setting the failsafes properly (like on no transmitter signal goto 1500 PWM)

    And slowing speed to where I can catch up with it if I need to (and coincidentally slow enough so it doesn't brownout the 7.4 volts to the PX4 causing it to reset)

    It's really working nicely.

    Made several runs in our flying field (on toxic fly ash from the old local lumber mill)

    Hey almost free flying fields don't grow on trees.

    Made several impromptu "courses" and it happily tracked right on course through all of them at a speed where I could have caught it before it got to the rock quarry.

    I have seen one of the problems is if it thinks the GPS course is somewhere else, it will head straight for somewhere else even if it's on the other side of the planet and wherever it is it is straight away from you.

    The way I have it set now though if worse comes to worse I can simply switch off the transmitter and it will immediately stop. - Sort of a final failsafe.

    The center loaded stop on a reversing vehicle is problematic for our default failsafe parameters, maybe a center default or a switch everything to center off parameter would be a benefit.

    And especially one for the PX4 reset mode that puts the throttle PWM to 1500 instead of 1100 (full speed in reverse).

    Probably star moving to some object avoidance stuff next.

    Best Regards,


  • Admin


    I will have Tridge look at your issue this weekend at the Code Hacking Hangout.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

This reply was deleted.

New rover advice

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skid steer vehicle steering uncontrollable

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Help! No throttle or steering response!

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