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  • Hello Thomas
    What about the MS5803?
    It is 14 bars -approx 130 meters and it looks pretty close to the operational modes of the MS5611 when you look at the specs. It can work SPI and the registers are very similar
  • Admin

    Hi Mirko,

    I really need to get the MS5837 pressure sensor working with the BBBMINI and not the MS5611. Would the update below work for the MS5873.



  • @Thomas

    Hi Thomas, I think the BBB Fire Cape Wiki is a little bit outdated. You have to change this ( into:


    and add:

    #define HAL_BARO_MS5611_I2C_BUS 2
    #define HAL_BARO_MS5611_I2C_ADDR 0x76



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  • Admin

    Has anyone had any success using the MS5837 I2C pressure sensor with the BBBMINI?

    According to this BBB Fire Cape Wiki the BBB could not communicate with the MS5611 I2C pressure sensor, which is similar to the MS5873, at I2C address 0x76h.

    Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.



    Building ArduPilot for BeagleBone Black on Linux — Dev documentation
  • @Philippe

    For RC Input look at there are a lot of "drivers" for RC Input.



  • @mirko

    ok could you point me out where is the spi buses attribution code in ardupilot? That would gain me some time.



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  • @Philippe

    Sounds interesting. First you have to build a prototype, write the device driver and test the hole system. The next step is a PR via github that your tested driver come into the master branch of the ArduPilot code. At the moment ArduPilot (for BBBmini) will auto detect a second IMU (MPU9250) at the SPI0 port.

  • In order to further improve the BBBmini board, we could plug into the spi0 bus a rfm23bp module pcb. this module would be in charge of the long range telemetry and the rc input. The volume of the resulting embedded electronic would this way be greatly reduced as the user won't need a radio anymore, nor will he need a PPM and serial connection cables. What do you think of it, where is the best place to submit such a project?

  • Merci Patrick for this explanation. This is exactly what we are facing today, those components where ordered on banggood. It would be good if we could build a list of reliable suppliers on this website, so that others don't fall into the same pitfall. I could give the other components suppliers that are working very well with the BBBmini board.

  • Here is an example of the faulty solder joint.


This reply was deleted.

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