IRIS and ground station not getting along

I have flown the IRIS since June. I checked many posts to find discussions with solutions, but haven't been successful yet.

My problem: the data link between the IRIS and my ground stations is lost too easily. Either using a tablet or a laptop, when the IRIS is about 70-80 m away from me I start getting the "Warning: no data for X seconds" messages. It makes me uneasy and the recorded logs are incomplete due to the lost connection. I also sometimes get beeping warnings from the RC transmitter, which makes me even more nervous.   

My flying environment: I only fly in open fields of corn and soybean for hobby photography. No trees or buildings on the way. I mostly do 6-minute autonomous missions at an altitude of 30-40 m. The IRIS has always completed the missions even with lost data link with the ground stations.

What I have done to correct the problem: I have checked the settings between the two radios, all items are the same (should ECC be checked?). I contacted 3DR, and they only suggested to check these settings. Antennas are always vertical, and properly tightened up.

My questions: Are there better antennas available? Can I get a better antenna for either the IRIS or the ground station? How worried should I be about this constant loss of telemetry connection?


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  • I've been having similar problems, but only getting message "data link lost, check connection".  It's definitely not a range issue for me as can be less than 2 meters away and still have the problem.  I've tired every combination of telemetry modules (I have spares), cables, devices (Android tablet and phone, OS X and Windows computers) and ground control station software (Mission Planner, APM planner, Droid planner). 

    Very frustrating. 

  • I have same problem. After all, I decided to change antenna for simple copper wire soldered to conector and it's significantly better (double the range), but I am not reaching values from this article any way.


  • RFD 900

    This is a nice long range telemetry antenna set that is incredibly small and very powerful. I use these on my skywalker and never have had a signal strength below a 90%. And they are made to work with arducopter/arduplane and easy to incorporate. 

  • I've noticed the same thing with mine
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